With SARUS, Sakarya Will Be The Capital Of The Railway Sector

sarus and sakarya will be the capital of the railway
sarus and sakarya will be the capital of the railway

The first meeting of the Sakarya Rail Transportation Systems Cluster Association was founding chairman and founding member of TÜVASAŞ. Dr. It was conducted under the chairmanship of İlhan Kocaarslan.

The press conference with breakfast, which included the foundation purpose and promotion of the association, took place in a restaurant in Sakarya today. İlhan Ak, a member of the Board of Directors, said “We have set up a global brand as the main target by producing domestic and national rail transportation systems from design to the final product.”


The Sakarya Rail Transportation Systems Cluster Association (SARUS), which was established to develop the railway sector in the region and thereby contribute to the social, industrial and economic development of our country, opened its doors. The association, which held a press conference with breakfast yesterday in Tunatan Facilities, made a presentation including its purpose and promotion.

Members of the board of directors; M. Zeki Çelebi, Yavuz Yavuz, İlhan Ak, Ayhan Pehlivan, Cem Yazıcı, M. Ulaş Yücesan, İsmail Hakkı Demirel, Gökhan Yılmaz, Emin Çağlar, Tahir Arın, Recep Eroğlu, Salih Palaz, Osman Tekeoğlu, Ramazan Kaykaç, Kemal Öcal, Erdoğan Dede and Şidar Yerlikaya joined.


İlhan Ak, who describes the promotion and establishment purpose of the association, is a member of the Board. “The main purpose of our association, which will produce many benefits for the economy of our region; To develop the railway sector in our region, and to contribute to the social, industrial and economic development of our country. This aim is the stakeholders in our sector's value chain; It will do so by bringing together collaboration, power unity and target unity in the center and ensuring maximum utilization of national sectoral capacity. Again, our association has set itself as the main target to create a world brand by producing domestic and national rail transportation systems from design to the final product. ”


Pointing out that there is a trend towards main line railway transportation both in our country and neighboring countries, Ak said, “Recently, a serious trend has started in both our country and our neighboring neighbor countries, both in the city and in the main line, and the construction has been completed recently, and With the planned railway infrastructure investments, a demand for railway vehicles at the level of $ 10 billion has occurred. When we look through this window, the railway transportation sector of our country has become a market that is appetizing, with the major infrastructure investments made recently. As you know, with technological developments, the increase of accessibility and accessibility has turned our world into a global market. The strongest in this market is winning. The international arena, where tough and tough competition is increasing day by day; It is full of struggles to protect, maintain and strengthen the existing and superior sectors of countries. It has become the most important capital we need to maintain and maintain our superiority and distinctiveness. In this context, undoubtedly, one of our most important economic assets in our city is our railway vehicle production sector. Our industry, which has its roots in the 1950s and has been the source of the industrial infrastructure in our province with its establishment, is our most important economic asset that we need to keep in our region with the effect of producing high added value and sustainable stable growth. ”


Continuing his speech on the subject, Ak said, “It has become compulsory for organizations that are in the current value chain of our sector and have the potential to be in this chain to join forces and target unity in order to survive in the international rivalry in our sector. As a result of this challenge, the first meeting of the Sakarya Rail Transportation Systems Cluster Association, which was established by gathering our industrialists who produce and repair for rail transportation systems in our city, was founding president and founding member at TÜVASAŞ. Dr. It was conducted under the chairmanship of İlhan Kocaarslan. In the rail transportation systems sector, the duties that Sakarya will play an important role in becoming the epicenter of the world, and the necessary precautions regarding how it will steer the sector and the duties that it can take on have been discussed. SARUS has set itself as the main target to make the domestic and national rail transportation systems needed from design to the final product and to make it a world brand by producing the components imported from abroad, locally and nationally. ”


Transfering the establishment purpose of the association to the members of the press, Ak said, “The Association; Regarding maximizing and using sectoral national capacity; Production of domestic and national products with superior competitive power in terms of quality, standard and cost in the world markets, increasing the share of localization in the production from design to the final product, increasing it to the maximum level, developing new products and methods, raising the qualified personnel needed by the industry and ensuring their continuous development, ensuring the continuous quality of education. increasing the knowledge, strengthening the sector in terms of quality and quantity, developing R&D, innovation and entrepreneurship culture, transferring the scientific and technical knowledge of our universities to the sector, developing new technology to increase competitiveness, R&D, P&D, production and raising training, knowledge and experience on various topics such as efficiency, institutionalization, financial management, quality management, certification, cost management, process management, marketing activities, The establishment of testing centers, industry development and introduction to Turkey, and to ensure recognition in the international market and improve the image, branding studies, association members producing a common procurement platform for reducing costs of, making the privileges of the members of the leasing contracts, instructions to members in accordance with the demand for domestic and overseas companies and reference Cluster member companies will provide very important and necessary services in matters such as procurement. ”


Ak said, “This cluster association we created by coming together; It is a result of the fact that we want to prevent these risks from occurring by anticipating the risks that our sector will experience. As those who know and know very well in the sector; We believe that it is not appropriate to remain passive and spectators, we should do something. We see this both as a necessity to participate in democratic governance and as a debt and honorable duty towards our Sakarya and our nation, as the conscientious responsibility of the understanding that knows what works best. I would like to thank all the cluster members and all the valuable supporters and participants who contributed with their heartfelt heart. "The Sakarya Rail Transportation Systems Cluster Association (SARUS) should be beneficial for our region and our country."


Speaking on behalf of the board of directors by the press members at the end of the meeting, İlhan Ak was asked about the allegations that TÜVASAŞ will be privatized like BMC in the coming periods. After the questions, “TÜVASAŞ is our biggest stakeholder. If there is a privatization attempt in the future, we will oppose and do not accept. We definitely do not look at the privatization of such a business. ”Yenisakary to)

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