A survey will be held for Sakarya Nostalgic Tram!

survey for nostalgic tram to sakarya
survey for nostalgic tram to sakarya

Mayor of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem Yüce said that there will be a survey for the nostalgic tram project, which was held recently in an introductory meeting. Speaking in the city council, Almighty, the survey asked the citizens and tradesmen said.

Metropolitan Municipality held the first council meeting of the year under the chairmanship of Ekrem Yüce.

61 agenda items were discussed in the parliament, especially the supreme, nostalgic tarmvay, the nation gave information about the garden and projects.

Poll to be done

For the recently introduced nostalgic tram, Yüce announced that they would start the project and that the citizens' opinion would be consulted at the parliamentary meeting. Supreme, said the survey will be done, according to the results of the survey will be determined a road map, he said.


Speaking for the National Garden, which should be finished in December 2019, but the construction period is prolonged, Yüce said, “The National Garden was stuck in the negative atmosphere, and said that the National Garden would be completed in February if it is not the end of January.

Asphalt will not be thrown between the streets

One of the biggest problems of the people of Sakarya and citizens often complained about asphaltless and damaged roads from the Supreme, “Asphalt between the streets will no longer be thrown. Colorful natural concrete will be made instead of asphalt. The main streets will be asphalt again. Domestic, economic and hygienic, because of the low cost of asphalt instead of concrete will be preferred ”he said.

Will be distributed every Friday

Belpaş Süt54 started to be distributed in the past days, stating that it will continue to distribute intermittently, Supreme milk will be given, bil Every Friday a tank of milk citizen will be distributed. A tank cost 500 TL. We want to increase it to 365 days. if we get help from charity, we want to take it out every day ”. (Medyab is)


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