Shah Logistics Difference in Russian Transport

Sah Logistics Difference in Russian Transportation
Sah Logistics Difference in Russian Transportation

Due to its geographical location, Russia, which is particularly dependent on the supply of foodstuffs, supplies a large portion of basic foodstuffs such as fresh vegetables and fruits from our country. Almost any time of the year that season fruits and vegetables imported from abroad and is close to both the countries exposed to significant costs in this regard to be quite efficient both in Turkey on the occasion of the market has become a supply center maintenance.

In the framework of bilateral relations that have made a big leap recently, when there are not enough transportation companies to meet the import demand, it is tried to be closed openly by providing vehicles with foreign license plates. In this context, although many transportation companies especially apply to Georgian plate trucks, they are not sufficient as they are exposed to some obstacles. Our company Şah Global Logistics has a wide framework for both domestic and foreign plate truck supply. Transport companies in Russia It is in the position of the most sought-after shipping company.

Our company, which has effective works in all areas such as dry cargo transportation with standard awning trucks, weekly regular departures and partial shipping services, frigodorse truck transportation, container transportation operations and heavy oversize transportation, exports to all cities of Russia, especially Moscow, from all regions of our country. It successfully carries the transportation of comprehensive cargo in transit.

Our company, which carries out the operations of carrying many products that are produced in our country and exported to Russia, under the project, is talking about its success in all the projects it has signed. Shipping to russia Şah Global Logistics, which has been working within the framework of 7/24 understanding with its highly experienced operations team, can also perform the transportation of the products imported from Russia to our country meticulously. Our company, which generally carries out road-based truck transportation by using the route over Georgia, continues its way with determination without compromising the working principles it has introduced since the first step in the sector. Turkey-Russia their colleagues with his work in the logistics line which inspired Shah also serves the Global Logistics customer satisfaction with convenient transportation conditions.

News: Mehmet Ali BAL
Source of news: Logistics companies


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