Russia Closes Railway Border With China Due To Coronation!

railway nerve was closed with gin due to russia coronovirus
railway nerve was closed with gin due to russia coronovirus

Russia has added a new one to coronovirus measures. Following President Putin's "Let all necessary steps be taken," the Russian government decided to temporarily close the railway border with China.

Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova announced that this decision was taken by March 1 for five regions with border and railway crossing with China.

Accordingly, the railway borders of Primorskiy, Khabarovsk, Zabaykalski, Amur and the Jewish autonomous region with China were closed.

Russian leader Putin had instructed the government, "We are facing a new phenomenon, make the necessary preparation for this danger."

Russia previously closed doors for Chinese tourists due to the coronovirus that continues to spread. According to the statement made by the Russian Tour Industry Association to TASS, the programs bringing all tourists from China were "reset" by yesterday.

No longer will the new tour package be sold to the Chinese.

After the tourists from Öin, who are currently in Russia, were sent to their countries, the situation became clear. kazanUntil now, no new Chinese tourists will be admitted to Russia.

Officials stated that "emergency evacuation operation" is not considered for Chinese tourists in the country, they can complete their programs and return in their country:

It is emphasized that this will be a heavy blow for the Russian tourism sector.

On the other hand, the number of people who died in China because of the new type of coronovirus that spread to other countries has exceeded 100.

According to the BBC, Chinese officials announced that 106 people died due to coronovirus and that the total number of people infected by the coronavirus in the country was 27 thousand 4 as of January 515. The total number of people infected by the coronavirus the day before was reported to be 2.

Chinese officials announced that the new coronavirus was transmitted from person to person during the incubation period, that is, when there were no symptoms in patients.

Wuhan, the capital of the province and the province where the virus originated, with most of the Hubei province, has been quarantined.

More than 40 patients were detected abroad. These countries include the USA, Japan, Canada, Australia and South Korea.

Meanwhile, Russian State Duma Education and Science Committee Vice President Gennadiy Onishenko said there are about 30 drugs in Russia that can treat the coronavirus that has spread from China. Russian Academy of Sciences Rector Aleksandr Sergeyev also warned that a global epidemic may occur until the march.

According to Sputnik's report, Onişenko said, “I would like to say that approximately 30 of the drugs available can relieve this virus to relieve our society. We use 12 of them in AIDS treatment. ”

Pointing out that there are currently known 39 coronavirus species, Onişenko underlined that there is no reason for panic, stating that the vaccine against the new coronavirus will be ready in the next season when the virus will slow down.

Speaking to Sputnik, the Russian Academy of Sciences Rector Aleksandr Sergeyev warned that the outbreak could reach the global dimension by March if the coronavirus continues to spread at the current pace.

“This virus is extremely dangerous and the number of cases is growing exponentially,” Sergeyev said. "If it continues like this in a month, it could turn into a global epidemic."

Meanwhile, the Russian Human Health and Consumer Protection Agency (Rospotrebnadzor) President Anna Popova stated that more than 100 people visiting China have detected signs of infectious disease, and that no coronavirus was observed in any of these people.

Anna Popova said, “As of today, we have identified more than 100 people with symptoms of infectious disease and identified as visiting China. Each of them was detected, quarantined, fully examined. These people were diagnosed with infectious disease, but none of them had coronavirus. ”

Popova stated that the system of Rospotrebnadzor conducted researches to detect infectious diseases such as coronavirus using two native test systems developed by the Russian State Science Center Vector.

Popova stated that these test systems were sent to 15 scientific research institutions and that specialists who conducted these tests were trained.

Meanwhile, Rospotrebnadzor called on Russian tourists to stay away from visiting China and take the necessary precautions until the coronavirus-related situation returns to normal.

Dmitriy Gorin, Vice President of the Association of Russian Tour Operators (ATOR), said that flights to China have been stopped from today and that only flights will be organized to bring Russian tourists back in China.

"All the flights from Russia to China are being planned as planned," said Gorin. Currently, only scheduled flights are arranged, charter flights are removed. Starting today, all flights to China carry passengers in one direction only. The companies decided not to take tourists to China and they only carry out planned evacuation activities. ”

Gorin emphasized that this number will gradually decrease with evacuation campaigns.

Tour operators stated that there are 6 Russian citizens on Hainan Island on Friday, and one thousand Russian tourists are in different regions of China. (I

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