Popular Holiday Route of All Times: Antalya

popular holiday route of every period antalya
popular holiday route of every period antalya

Antalya, which is one of the most frequent tourist destinations, which holidaymakers cannot give up, offers a lot of options to travel lovers. With its world-famous beaches, luxury hotels, paradise bays and hundreds of ancient cities, Antalya is one of the places where tourism beats the pulse every year and hosts thousands of local and foreign tourists.

Antalya, which is one of the most important tourism centers of the world with its natural beauties, historical places and beaches, hosts many people with its large coastline from Gazipaşa to Kaş. Antalya has a history of hosting almost 9 thousand local tourists in addition to 1 million foreign tourists every year during the 500-day Eid al-Adha holiday.

Urban tourism stands out with the cities of Alanya, Side and its surroundings in the east, Boğazkent, Belek, and Konyaaltı, Beldibi, Kaş, in the west. With countless beaches and paradise bays, historical ancient cities, the most luxurious hotels, waterfalls, caves, canyons and other natural areas, Antalya continues to be the favorite city every year.

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Most Popular Destination Antalya

Antalya, one of the most popular cities of the Mediterranean Region, is one of the cities that are preferred and loved not only by Turks but especially by Russians, Germans and British. Antalya, which has survived by leaving many works from prehistoric times, is a city that has hosted many civilizations in terms of its geographical location.

It hosted the Lydians, Hittites, Romans, Byzantines, Bergamians, Seljuks and Ottomans with its rich history and culture. Country meets a large part of tourism Antalya, is among the most populous city in Turkey. The city, which has 19 districts and 73 towns in total, has 537 villages.

Tourism activity is carried out at every point. Antalya, which is at the forefront of the international arena, is among the most important cities with its history and culture, although it is the center of attention with holiday tourism. In Antalya, you can also take great pictures from the azure sea, the individually lined mountains and the clouds standing at the top of the mountains.

Places to Visit in Antalya Antalya, which is at the center with its historical artifacts as well as its natural beauties and sea, is visited by waterfalls and caves. Thanks to the Holiday Shop, you can come to this beautiful city and take advantage of great opportunities.

Holiday City Belek

When in the summer of attracting one of Turkey's most popular tourist resort of Belek it is located. Although Antalya is a neighborhood, the region, which has become much more popular, also has different and diverse hotels and accommodation advantages.

  • Hotels in Belek For this reason, it is a region that is visited by tourists every year. The fact that its water is clean, its beaches are clean and beautiful, and it hosts many historical sites also helps Belek to visit in terms of people who love to travel.
  • By creating a good travel guide for them, it is possible to visit not only the beaches but also natural and historical sites in a short time.
  • Belek, especially in the summer, attracts more visitors and doubles its population compared to the surrounding cities.

It will be enough to make a quick reservation in a short time to take advantage of the best quality and most enjoyable advantages Belek offers.

Side Antique Theater

This ancient theater, which is located close to Belek, is one of the must-see places. In this theater built according to Roman architecture, there are sitting areas and walking areas. It is useful for people who love historical buildings to visit Belek. The ancient theater, which remained in a Hellenistic period, is very important for the people who love history, but although it has not been preserved much today, it is important in terms of reflecting the traces of ancient times. It will be an inevitable opportunity for those who love to visit historical cities and want to take lots of photos.

Religions Garden

The three major religions lived together and fraternally, and were then reflected in the best region. Religion Garden, which is one of the iconic centers of Belek and very preferred, is one of the popular places by combining three different religions. All three mosques, churches and synagogue buildings are located in the same garden and everybody performed their prayers freely together in the same place. You can add the Religions Garden, where nobody is distinguished and the cultures blend, where every special day and holiday is celebrated, among your must-see places in Belek. By making a small list, you can mark where you want to go and you will not miss a place.

Aspendos theatre

Aspendos Theater, which has the most important historical structure of the region. Aspendos, which is a very big theater compared to ancient times thanks to its audience capacity of 15.000 people, has been well preserved despite its 2000 years of history and has reached the present day with a situation that will not attract the attention of the visitors. The fact that it is still in use is its most important feature. For this reason, many of the tourists come to see the historical places.

About Alanya Hotels

Hotels in Alanya Antalya is Turkey's most popular tourist center is one of the most local and foreign tourists entertained district. It attracts many domestic and foreign tourists with its magnificent nature, luxury hotels, sea, historical texture and unique beaches. The distance to the city center is a bit far from Antalya Airport. Turkey and Europe welcomes tourists from all over the Alanya Castle of Alanya Red Tower Alanya Museum has many important values ​​such as Cleopatra Beach. The country continues to make a major contribution to tourism. For Alanya hotel deals, you can reach the current prices through the Holiday Shop site and you can also benefit from very convenient categories.

Alanya Early Opportunity

Apart from its magnificent nature and historical monuments, Alanya attracts attention with its ultra luxury hotels and attracts people every year. Welcoming its guests with its high service quality and well-equipped accommodation services, located in the Alanya hotel section, comes to the fore. You can also book online for the best Alanya hotels and deals with quality guarantee. Alanya is one of the richest and most entertaining regions of the Mediterranean in terms of hotels. Thanks to the early opportunity, you can take advantage of all-inclusive hotel reservations. It will be sufficient to make a reservation during the winter period.

Alanya Tourism City

Alanya is Turkey's most important and each year, thousands of tourists flock to the area from almost every region of one of the busiest tourist centers.

  • Although Alanya is a very rich area in terms of hotel service, you may not find a place due to the intense demands in the summer months.
  • Although Alanya hotels are also available, you may have to pay a lot of high fees. It is also useful to do the necessary researches in order to explore every region of Alanya and benefit from the hotels.
  • You can make a quick and easy booking for the most suitable Alanya hotels by examining the facilities in the Alanya early booking hotels section. Thanks to the best price guarantee, you can also stay in quality hotels.

Due to the fact that Alanya has a very large and historical structure, everyone who arrives takes care of the reservation process much earlier.



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