Minister Institution: 'Istanbul will be the first example channel in smart city applications'

ministry will be the first sample channel in smart city applications in istanbul
ministry will be the first sample channel in smart city applications in istanbul

Speaking at the opening of Smart Cities and Municipalities Congress and Exhibition, Murat Kurum, Minister of Environment and Urbanism shared some information about the Channel Istanbul Project. Kurum Channel Istanbul will be the first project in which all smart city products and services implemented in the world with smart buildings, innovative environment and infrastructure systems and transportation technologies are implemented in the same city at the same time. Kurum

Stating that the Channel Istanbul Project is a project to protect and rescue the Bosphorus, the Authority also stressed that the project is the freedom project of the Bosphorus.

For the past 18 years, Turkey's President Erdogan's brand of leadership in the project stated that they perform Authority, Canal Istanbul Project will perform well again in the same faith and determination of President Erdogan's leadership, he said.

Reminding that the AK Party Group presented a new law regulation that would be a turning point for the cities, the Institution gave the following information:

Inda When this regulation is enacted, we will start a new era in which horizontal architecture is essential in our understanding of urbanism. In 2012, we are moving to a new stage in the urban transformation campaign initiated by your citizens. From now on, island based planning will be done instead of parcel based planning. An effective monitoring process will begin in the fight against illegal structures. The concepts of shanty housing and illegal structures will be completely out of the agenda of our country and will be history. We are obliged to get approval from the governorship of our citizens regarding the structures to be built in the villages. With this arrangement, we will end the crooked construction in our plateaus and villages. In addition, we are building tens of thousands of buildings under the scope of transformation, enabling the retrofitting of buildings that receive Building Registration Certificates. ”

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