Ministry Corroborates Corps Train Accident Trial's Commercial Relationship with TCDD

ministry corlu train accident case experts confirmed the commercial relationship with tcdd
ministry corlu train accident case experts confirmed the commercial relationship with tcdd

Corlu train massacre case, the ministry responded to the motion after the question, expert witness in the case Bekir Binboğa, Sıddık Yarman and Mustafa Karaşahin'e 14 separate consulting contracts for 1 million 40 thousand TL confirmed. TCDD tenders received by experts are outside this figure.

CHP Istanbul Deputy Ali Şeker, who warned TCDD after the train accident in Ankara today, said, “Two wagons of the train going for maintenance have derailed. Our only consolation is that the train is empty. The condition of our railways, where full trains pass and 250 kilometers of which are controlled only by a guard, is awarded to the pro-contractors! Increase controls, take precautions. ”

Ali Şeker, who said once again that the train lines were at serious risk in the response to the question proposal after the 10-11 September Çorlu Train Massacre case, explained that the Ministry of Transport also confirmed the payments made to the experts.


In the Çorlu Massacre Case, Şeker stated that the expert committee asked the Ministry in the material motion about the material relations with TCDD and said:

“The Ministry announced that Bekir Binboğa, Sıddık Yarman and Mustafa Karaşahin, who are experts in the delegation, paid 14 TL through the Revolving Funds of Istanbul and Süleyman Demirel Universities for 1.040.000 separate consultancy contracts. Apart from this, the tenders received from the TCDD through the Savronik company, in which the consultant expert is a partner. The court board decided for a new expert report, taking into account the material relations between the delegation and the administration, and objections to the contradictions in the report. The Ministry's response documented this known material relationship. There was a serious ethical problem. This has been confirmed. ”


Çorlu Massacre Trial as a defendant is very important in expressing that the statements of the Kurt Kurt, Şeker asked the Ministry of Transportation starting from the road, the answers also confirmed that Turgut Kurt, he said:

Kurt Turgut Kurt stated that the staff of the road guards were not sufficient at the hearing and that similar risks continued on all lines. We asked the Ministry in detail. From the answers given, we see that the risk continues on all lines. The ministry says that the average area of ​​responsibility for road maintenance directorates is 200-250 kilometers. The point where the Çorlu Massacre was experienced is the responsibility area of ​​the 1th Railway Maintenance Directorate, which is connected to the 14st Regional Directorate, about 250 kilometers. Again in our response to our question 250 railway line responsible for 1 maintenance manager, 3 road maintenance chief, 4 road surveyor, 4 line maintenance repair officer, 15 road maintenance repair workers, 2 artless workers, 7 engineers, 4 operators and 2 technicians, as well as 1 The Road Crossing Control Officer is called on duty. The Crossing Control Officer is the new name for the Road Keepers. Other officials, the road keeper, under the new name of the road crossing control officer detected faults, disorders are repairing. So the failure, deterioration must be detected first, but for this, there is only one employee responsible for 250 kilometers. In a response from the ministry, a Road Crossing Officer says it controls 10 kilometers of footprint on foot. 250 kilometers of responsibility and 10 kilometers a day. The risk continues and urgent action is needed. ”


Turgut Kurt, the defendant, the hearing "to complete the missing cadres to warn their superiors" on the stating that the Minister asked the question in the proposal, said the Sugar, "Administration, in his response to the word game. Kurt did not report to the road guard staff, but then 'in the workplace to complete the core staff and civil servants to the Road Service Directorate has requested' he said. They received the report of the employee responsible for completing the missing positions on the lines and they did nothing. After the massacre, the rebellion of the relatives of the disappeared especially to this situation. Officials who do not fulfill their responsibilities despite the warnings they want to be tried, ”he said.


KazanExpressing that the suspect went to the area the next day, made on-site observations and photographed them, Şeker stated that he thought that the officials who wrote the answers to the questions did not see the crime scene:

“As it is applied in all public institutions, TCDD transfers tenders to subcontractors who do not have sufficient expertise in the construction and maintenance of the lines. Political will and contractors put pressure on TCDD employees. Engineering services for the safety of the line remain on paper. The infrastructure platforms where the railway lines are installed should be 6 meters wide. Çorlu Massacre in the culvert, we have determined that this is not the case. The sandy soil beneath the iron rails on the culvert was emptied by the effect of flood waters and the iron rails remained in the air. In its response to our motion, the Ministry refers to the public procurement law and says that a 6-meter width is provided everywhere. The facts show that this is not the case. '96 percent of the railway culvert in Turkey Corlu Train Massacre case worse than culverts in the village experiencing Hug' Listen to the testimony of experts who cried out saying the truth. Take precaution. ”(News Left)

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