Metro Istanbul Staff Owned Homeless Citizens

metro istanbul staff out of homeless citizens
metro istanbul staff out of homeless citizens

Metro Istanbul officials who served tea and food to the citizen named Oktay Sami from Ünalan metro station informed the police teams and directed Sami to the IMM shelter houses.

M7 around Tuesday 20th January at 45:4 Kadıköy - Oktay Sami, who arrived at the Ünalan station of the Tavsantepe Metro Line, was taken to the station's office after the other passengers at the station reported that they were homeless. Station staff, who provided 22-year-old Oktay Sami with a cup of tea and food, warned the Police officers to spend the night in a suitable environment due to adverse weather conditions. Police teams arriving at Ünalan station took Oktay Sami to the shelters of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM).

Ekrem İmamoğlu had also announced…

With the effect of the winter season, IMM hosts the citizens staying on the streets. The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality President Ekrem İmamoğlu addressed Istanbul residents from his social media account and said, “When you see people in need on the street during cold winter days, you can call ALO 153 and contact @ibbBeyazmasa and help our teams to provide shelter and health services”.

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