Freight Train Hits Bus in Mexico 7 Dead, 32 Injured

mexico freight train bususe carpti olu injured
mexico freight train bususe carpti olu injured

7 people died and 32 were injured as a freight train hit the bus carrying the Mexican Red Cross workers in the level crossing in Sonora state in northwestern Mexico.

At the level crossing in the state of Sonora in northwestern Mexico, the freight train crashed into a bus carrying Mexican Red Cross workers and dragged it up to 20 meters. In the statement made by the prosecutor's office, 7 people were killed and 32 people were injured as a result of the accident. It was determined that the dead were five men, a woman, and a 16-year-old girl between the ages of 30 and 16. The bus driver who survived the accident was detained for drug and alcohol testing.

32 people injured in the accident were treated at the hospital in Ciudad Obregon.

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