Turkey has Enlarge Legrand Gear!

LeGrand turkey shifts gears
LeGrand turkey shifts gears

📩 27/03/2020 21:38

The building, which develops products and systems for electrical and digital infrastructures French giant Legrand Group continues to invest in Turkey. Despite the recent economic fluctuations Inform new factory with a budget of 5.5 million Euros to realize Legrand, managing business processes with the aim of increasing investments in Turkey.

The building, Ingr, which develops products and systems for electrical and digital infrastructures, has started the new factory of Legrand with a budget of 5.5 million Euros.

Equipped with the latest technology and located on a total area of ​​28.000 m2, of which 28.500 m2 is closed, the Inform factory is distinguished from its competitors by being the only company in the UPS sector that has all production processes within its structure. The facility, which includes winding elements, electronic card typesetting facility, mechanical production workshop and assembly lines isolated from external factors, as well as R & D and Customer Service Center, is managed by a professional team of 300 experts. In addition to its technology, the new factory, built with the Industry 4.0 approach, is home to environmentally friendly and low energy consumption equipment. Contributing to the sustainable world with its high efficiency transformer, LED lighting, motion and presence sensors, İnform's new factory stands out with its power analyzers that can monitor consumption and take action in each distribution panel and benefit from daylight roof design.

Xerri: It's exciting for us to make the investment a reality

In a statement on the new plant investment Legrand Group Vice Frederic Xerri President for Europe, August 2018 the economy along with the devaluation of the Turkish lira narrowing but reminded that they have precisely the new investment decisions in Turkey Legrand Group in the same period. Legrand Group CEO, at a time when the economic fluctuations of the most intense Benoit Coquart that explain the 5.5 million euro investment decisions during his visit to Turkey said Frederic Xerri, said this investment today experienced the pride of seeing reality. Legrand of the Group's senior management to manpower in Turkey, creativity and confidence that their support for the transfer Xerri Group, said that Turkey is in an important location for the group.

Xerri: We believe in Turkish people, Turkish workforce

Stating that they have achieved both capacity and quality increase with the new factory, Xerri said, “We know that we will achieve sustainable quality and efficiency with the production processes we have structured within the framework of Industry 4.0. This Legrand would bring more business opportunities in Turkey, we see the front of the expected business results. Evaluating the Group's 2018 performance, Xerri; "We have exhibited very good performance in Turkey in 2018. Legrand rate of 8.6 percent from global growth, Turkey has grown by 40 percent in the same period. In 2019, we again grew double-digit in Turkey. About seeing the world in 2022 and preliminary review developments in Turkey very difficult to do, but the Turkish labor Legrand Group, and we believe in Turkey. "

The Tamarisk Country Manager Levent Turkey Legrand, saying they fold the last two years on the basis of three square meters factory in Turkey, "Our machine park we doubled our production capacity by passing the fully automated"

Xerri: Internet of Things's share in turnover increases

After that Frederic Xerri said that they will concentrate on the internet of objects; “In 2019, we generated 450 million euro turnover from the internet of objects. We aim to increase it to 2020 billion euros in 1. With the internet of objects, remote maintenance and repair of large objects that cannot be accessed behind them can be done. ”

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