Route Arrangement for Izmit to Gulf Lines

Route arrangement for izmit to korfez lines
Route arrangement for izmit to korfez lines

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation and Traffic Management Department makes arrangements in line with the demands of the citizens. In this context, the existing route of the public transportation vehicles serving to different regions within the boundaries of Körfez district after the departure of Izmit Bus Terminal, which is the Courthouse Junction - D-100, was rearranged in line with the demand of the citizens.


Metropolitan Municipality meets every demand that is deemed appropriate by considering the demands of the citizens. In this context, citizens using the means of transportation in Körfez district requested a change of route from the Metropolitan Municipality. The request was evaluated by the Transportation and Traffic Management Department. As a result of the evaluation, the route of public transportation vehicles serving in Körfez district was changed.


The route change has changed for vehicles from Izmit departure direction to Körfez district. The amendment covers vehicles using the D-100 connection route to the Courthouse Bridge Interchange after the departure of Izmit Bus Terminal. After that, when the passenger buses arrive at the center of Izmit after the departure from the bus station, they will return from the Courthouse Bridge Interchange and take the D-100 highway and use the Northern Side road. Buses will take passengers from Turgut Özal, Mimar Sinan Bridge and Halkevi stops on the Northern Side Road.


With the new route application, the number of two stops used by the citizens has been increased to three. The route implementation will be implemented as of Monday, January 27.


From the renewed route application, 151 95 Evler-Izmit, 152 - Yarimca (Lower Road) -Izmit, 153 - Regional Traffic-Industry, 154 - Çamlıtepe-Izmit, 155 - Çamlıtepe-Industry, 159 - İlimtepe-İzmit, 163 - İlimtepe-Tütünçiftlik- İzmit-Bus Station, 170 - Kirazlıyalı-Umuttepe, 175 - Kirazlıyalı-Çamlıtepe-İzmit-Umuttepe, 183 - Y.Hereke-İzmit, 190 - Upper Hereke-İzmit-Umuttepe and 191 - Hereke-Izmit vehicles will benefit.

Route arrangement for izmit to korfez lines
Route arrangement for izmit to korfez lines

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