Konya Applies Intelligent Signalization at Metropolitan Intersections

konya buyuksehir intersection is applying intelligent signaling
konya buyuksehir intersection is applying intelligent signaling

Konya Metropolitan Municipality, Gaza Street intersection with the City Street by removing the junction Dynamic Junction Control System (Intelligent Junction) application has passed.

In recent months, Aydınlıkevler Junction, Seljuk Junction, TOKİ Fırat Junction, Karatay Industrial Junction, Lamcı Junction, MTA Junction and Cement Junction, Konya Metropolitan Municipality, which relieves traffic with the signaling applications, the last of the Antalya Junction application launched.

In order to reduce the increasing traffic load at the intersection of City Street of Gaza Street, which was opened as the widest street of Meram district, the junction was removed by the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Traffic Department and smart intersection signaling application was implemented in the city center instead.

With the smart signaling application, the area became safer for vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles, while the waiting time of the vehicles was minimized.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Control Center connected to the Smart Intersections, green light duration by determining the intensity of vehicles passing through the intersection reduces the average waiting time.

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