Konya Bicycle Master Plan Receives UNESCO Award

konya bicycle master plani unescodan received awards
konya bicycle master plani unescodan received awards

Konya Metropolitan Municipality's first signed with the Ministry of Urbanism and Environment Bicycle Master Plan in Turkey, at a ceremony held at UNESCO headquarters in Paris was awarded the International Prize İdealkent.

The International Idealkent Awards, which were given to the projects that contribute positively to the cities and the people of the city, were presented at a ceremony held at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

The panel titled “The Future of Cities and the Role of International Organizations in Strengthening Local Governments” was held by the Urban Research Institute before the award ceremony held at UNESCO's headquarters in Paris.

Şükrü Karatepe, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Local Government Policies of the Presidency, said that local values ​​are meticulously preserved in cities and accepted as one of the important elements of sustainable urbanization.


With more than 550 kilometers of bicycle paths makes the Konya Metropolitan Municipality in Turkey, "Bicycle Transportation Master Plan Project" was awarded the International Prize İdealkent; Konya Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Furkan Kuşdemir received the award. Kuşdemir, in his speech at the ceremony, "the first time in Turkey with the support of our President, our Ministry of Environment and Urbanization will continue until the year 2030, we have prepared a Bicycle Master Plan. Within this scope, we will increase the existing bicycle paths to 780 kilometers in a planning framework. It is important because it is the first in Turkey. Thank you for the award. ”

Awarded projects will be exhibited in the UNESCO building for a week

Gaye Doğanoğlu, Former Vice President of the Council of Europe Local and Regional Governments Congress, President of the International Council for Justice and Equality (COJEP) Ali Gedikoğlu, Vice President of the Congress of Local and Regional Governments of the Council of Europe Barbara Toce and Anna Magyar, Roberto Deputy Mayor of Urbino, Italy Cioppi, General Director of Urban Research Institute Emir Osmanoğlu, Secretary General of Urban Research Institute Yusuf Sunar attended.

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