Kocaeli City Hospital Tram Line will be made by the Ministry

koceli city hospital to line the tram line
koceli city hospital to line the tram line

Kocaeli Mayor Assoc. Tahir Büyükakın, met with members of the press at the City Hospital to the Ministry of Transport to the Ministry of Transport explained that the tram line

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Büyükakın had transferred the Gebze-Darıca Metro line, which was founded before his term of office and cost 5 billion liras, to the Ministry of Transport. As Kocaeli, the city, which was deprived of state investments, thus relieved a great burden. A new one has been added to this development in transportation. Büyükakın has been in search of resources for a long time for the Tramway to the City Hospital project in Izmit district. Negotiations were ongoing with the Ministry of Health for this purpose. At the point reached regarding the issue, the Ministry of Health mediated the request of President Büyükakın and received a positive response. Büyükakın announced that the Ministry of Transport agreed to undertake the three-kilometer Tramway project at a dinner meeting with members of the press. The transfer of the project, which has an approximate cost of 250 million, to the ministry will cause another significant burden to be lifted from the city's coffers. Stating that they are very happy with the result, Büyükakın stated that the works will start as soon as possible. – Kocaeli Barış Newspaper

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