There will be a transfer between buses in Kocaeli!

kocaelide will transfer the bus
kocaelide will transfer the bus

Speaking about the merger of public transport system in Kocaeli, Mayor Tahir Büyükakın, "Passengers can transfer to another vehicle between buses," he said.

At the Metropolitan Municipal Assembly meeting, the public transport in Kocaeli, Tahir Büyükakın made a statement about the collection of a single pool. Büyükakın said, “We have no idea to share the tram's income,” said Büyükakın.

Havuz A pool will be created. These rights are rights. The buses that run on the public roads are used to reach a compromise. If we bring status with a new consent to transportation, we can have a chance to go to the points we could not go before with the same number of vehicles we have.

There is a transfer from the municipality to the municipality, but when we integrate the lines, we will also be able to transfer them. Passengers will be able to transfer to another vehicle between buses. This tool will reduce congestion and will be cheaper for passengers. The tram is our shuttle point. Fewer vehicles less emissions. The cooperatives consent to this.

We'il build a communal pool. This will start as a center in Izmit. Everyone will get their share of the pool as much as the passengers they carry. Even if we do not have the idea to share the tram's income, the judiciary does not allow it. Cooperatives have no such desire iste

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