Semester Holiday Arrangement in Kocaeli Transportation

somestr holiday arrangement
somestr holiday arrangement

TransportationPark, which provides transportation services under the coordination of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation and Traffic Management Department, announced that a total of 18 lines were updated between 2 January and 17 February due to the Semester holiday.


Changes were made in the flights and times of 17 lines of TransportationPark, valid during the semester break. Lines updated during the departure times; 13,14, 16, 170, 210, 255, 310, 430, 490, 515, 525S, 550, 699, 710, 750, 755 and 800. In the statement made, it was reported that the lines, which were updated after the end of the holiday, February 2, will continue their regular flights.


TransportationPark conveyed the information that it will ensure that passengers are informed by sharing in written and visual media in order to prevent the citizens from being adversely affected by the application that will start as of Monday. nephropathy in www.kocaeli.bel.t is ve I Citizens will be provided with instant service by publishing the current version of their voyages from their addresses, and the possible victimization of the passengers will be prevented thanks to all warnings and notifications.

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