Brand Company in Kyrgyzstan Transportation

brand company in kyrgyzstan transportations
brand company in kyrgyzstan transportations

The transportation sector has been in very busy periods in proportion to the increasing export and import data in recent years. Our country, which has commercial relations with almost all countries of the world, especially in Europe, Asia and Middle East countries, is also oriented towards Asian countries after Europe-wide studies. Recently, important developments have been recorded in the export and import activities of Asian countries, especially with Kyrgyzstan, and the transportation sector has also moved accordingly.

In our country, logistics companies engaged in activities throughout the Asian countries have entered into different studies in the Kyrgyzstan. However, since the logistics companies that have already been on the Kyrgyzstan line from the past to the present day, they are actively involved in this line. One of the companies that continuously carry out transportation activities in Kyrgyzstan is Shah Global Logistics. our company Shipping companies Kyrgyzstan Since it is one of the rare organizations among the most intensive studies and projects, it carries out the transportation of numerous companies engaged in production and foreign trade in our country.

road transport company, which mainly offers from Turkey to Kyrgyzstan plays an active role in our work on air and rail transport demand. In addition to complete curtainsider transport operations in road truck transportation, it also offers partial transportation services on certain days of the week, provided that it departs from our Istanbul warehouses, as well as heavy cargo, refrigerated truck transportation, container transportation and open cargo transportation. Our vehicles, which can be organized to load from all our cities, carry out safe transport operations within the scope of CMR insurance under the control of our experienced drivers and our expert operation team.

In addition to logistics services, our company has services in the fields of port operations, customs clearance, warehousing and agency. Shipping to Kyrgyzstan With the experiences gained from the past, it is extremely dominant in the process developing from the moment of loading to the delivery of the cargo, it intervenes in the possible problems during the shipment and leaves no room for failure. All requests from Kyrgyzstan to our company are evaluated instantly and returns are provided within the framework of the most suitable freight and transportation conditions in a short time.

News: Mehmet Ali BAL
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