Keltepe Ski Center is a Candidate to be the Pupil of the Region

keltepe ski center is a candidate to be the favorite of the region
keltepe ski center is a candidate to be the favorite of the region

Karabük Governor Fuat Gurel, Karabük two thousand altitude the highest point and Turkey made statements to the press into service as Keltepe Ski 2 ski resort.

Governor Gürel, who went to the Keltepe Ski Center Top Day Unity Facilities with chair lift, made statements to the members of the press together with the Provincial Special Administration General Secretary Mehmet Uzun and the Youth and Sports Provincial Director Abdulkadir Çetin.

Governor Gürel, who started his speech by conveying his wishes to our citizens who were damaged in the earthquake that occurred in Elazığ and Malatya at the weekend, said, “I wish God's mercy to those who lost their lives in Elazig and Malatya, and patience for their families. Hopefully, the wounds will quickly heal with the cooperation of our State and Nation. ”

Expressing that he has been tendered by the Ministry of Youth and Sports within 4 years, he completed the upper and lower day trips, cafeterias, chairlift and teleski. We intend to develop further if we can improve in the upcoming period. We put it in front of us as a target. There is no such facility in Zonguldak and Bartın in the Western Black Sea Region. People who are engaged in skiing usually want to go to alternative places. Of course, they will go to Ilgaz, they will go to Kartalkaya and other facilities, but now there is such a ski center in Karabük, and it will come here. Those who heard that the ski center was opened also started to come. ” said.

Emphasizing that the region is the “forest sea”, Gürel said, “I don't know if this image is available in other ski resorts. But we don't think of it as just a ski resort, we are planning to use it for nature tourism in the coming period. We have some projects especially to use this place in the summer. Hopefully, if we bring them to life, they will probably be used for a longer time in the summer. We will have planned this region not only as a ski resort, but also as a nature tourism. We will integrate this and the connected Yenice line by integrating Eğriova Pond. ” he spoke.

Expressing that Keltepe Ski Center is one of the most important investments of the region, Governor Gürel said, “Currently, it has an infrastructure that will meet the needs of everyone who wants to come and use it. First of all, we want the people of Karabük to come here later. May they come and use it. We do not have a hotel, but we have a bed capacity of 3 thousand 500 people in Safranbolu and other regions. They can use our hotels in Safranbolu to ski and stay here. I hope we will meet the hotel need of this place in the coming period. We do not intend to use this place only as a Ski Center. Our region is a place that stands out with its natural beauties. We plan to use this place for nature tourism in the upcoming period. We will try to integrate Yenice with its beauties, Eğriova Pond and other beauties of our region and bring them to the place it deserves in nature tourism. Thus, we will have used our facilities here for 12 months. We will continue our service vehicle application that we started for the weekends during the weekday. The shuttle vehicles, which will depart from the same routes previously determined, will return from our Keltepe Ski Center at 15.00. In case of demand, we plan to continue this practice in line with the demands that will come during the opening of the schools. ” he spoke.

I would like to thank the elders, the General Directorate of Youth and Sports, the Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports, the Provincial Special Administration General Secretariat and its team, and other contributors, who have contributed to the emergence, construction and becoming of the Keltepe Ski Center, one of the most important investments in our region. . Our region has gained a really important investment, we demand to be claimed. ”

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