22 Years Shipping Experience in Kazakhstan

years of shipping experience in Kazakhstan
years of shipping experience in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan, which is among the Turkish Republics and is the largest country in terms of area, has an ancient history. There is a lot of political and economic cooperation between the two countries, and as a result, mutual exchanges continue on a regular basis. The fact that the product range, which is expressed in thousands of products produced in our country, is exported to Kazakhstan makes the transportation sector quite attractive.

There are many shipping companies in our country that carry out logistics activities in Asian countries, but some of these organizations can work in Kazakhstan. As a result of the use of different routes, our company is one of the logistics companies working in the country where transportation is provided and has very comprehensive activities. Shipping companies Kazakhstan is constantly in the forefront with different works that attract attention. Our company, which offers partial transportation services in Kazakhstan by making regular weekly departures with complete truck transportation, also performs the transportation of all kinds of cargo suitable for such transportation vehicles in areas such as heavy transport, container transport and refrigerated truck transportation.

The products that are produced are delivered to all cities of Kazakhstan, especially the capital Astana. The most preferred means of transportation vehicles, trucks with all types of export-wide products, which do not exceed 22 tons in weight, are delivered. The route between Iran-Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan, which is heavily used except the route through Georgia-Azerbaijan or Georgia-Russia Shipping to Kazakhstan alternative ways of transportation. Our company Şah Global Logistics has the knowledge and equipment to use all of the above mentioned routes in accordance with the content and transportation conditions of the products transported with domestic and foreign plate trucks.

Our company, which provides logistic services in accordance with the highway freight transport regulations, ensures the transportation of the products, which are fully secured under the cmr insurance, to Kazakhstan in the most secure ways without any problem. With the experienced team, who has mastered all the details of the existing line, all the transportation requests coming to our company, which is in service at all hours of the day, are evaluated immediately and the most suitable transportation freight and conditions are provided to the customers and demanders in the shortest time.

News: Mehmet Ali BAL
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