Accident-Free YHT Has Hurt TCDD 114 Million Liras

accident insured without damage to yht million pounds
accident insured without damage to yht million pounds

CHP Zonguldak MP Deniz Yavuzyilmaz claimed that the High Speed ​​Train (YHT), in which 2018 people died in Ankara Marşandiz train station in 9 and more than 90 people were injured, and that TCDD was damaged by 114 million liras.

Claiming that TCDD is not managed with merit, Yavuzyılmaz said, “TCDD, which is poorly managed and damaged by billions of lira each year, is not only able to protect the lives of passengers who prefer high-speed trains, but also causes public damage due to the accidents caused by railway vehicles in their inventory. According to the TCA report, the insurance of the High Speed ​​Train, which had an accident at the Marşandiz train station, was not taken out. For this reason, the loss incurred by the institution is exactly 114 million liras. According to the report, the citizens who lost their lives or were injured in railway accidents are compelled to wait for the institution to be found guilty by completing the legal process in order to receive their compensation. ”

Yavuzyilmaz, who said that TCDD was used by students to cover these losses, had an exorbitant increase in subscription ticket prices, invited the authorities to ask for the account of the damage suffered by the public. He also called for cancellation of the increases applied to subscription ticket prices.

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