Kart54 Exceeds 2019 Million Uses in 15

The number of million uses in card year
The number of million uses in card year

Kart54, which provides fast, easy and reliable transportation to Sakarya by Metropolitan Municipality, received 2019 more people in 47; the number of uses exceeded 639 million during the year.

Providing fast, easy and reliable transportation to Sakarya by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, Kart54 exceeded 2019 million usage in 15. The Department of Transportation explained that they have been working to increase the use of the card.

Owns 47 thousand new Kart54

Ulaşım The interest in Kart54, which is the only payment option in public transportation, is increasing day by day. While providing fast, economic and easy access to our citizens, Kart54 was preferred by 2019 thousand 47 new users in 639, and more than 15 million users reached the number of uses. The online filling process, which we started to serve as a new feature in Kart115 filling operations with 10 dealers and 54 kiosk points, was used by more than 10 thousand citizens. In order to provide faster and easier service to our citizens, we are continuing our test studies on single-use ticketing system, telephone and credit card payment methods. We will continue to facilitate the transportation of our fellow citizens with the innovations we have implemented in public transport. We express our gratitude to all of our fellow citizens who have shown interest in our Kart54 application, which provides quick and easy payment in transportation ”.


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