Kardemir Environmental Investments Does Not Stall in 2020

Kardemir does not cut speed in environmental investments
Kardemir does not cut speed in environmental investments

Kardemir Karabük Iron and Steel Industry and Trade Inc., Chairman of the Board of Directors Mustafa Yolbulan, in 2020, said that priorities will be environmental investments. Saying that the environmental investment of $ 50 million is continuing, Yolbulan said, ylelikle In this way, we will realize the environmental investment project worth a total of $ 200 million and fulfill all our commitments ”.

Mustafa Yolbulan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, who hosted visitors from various institutions and organizations in our company, also made evaluations about the company's environmental investments for the new year. Saying that their priorities will be the environment in 2019 as in 2020, Yolbulan said that they will make another $ 50 million environmental investment in the third and final stage.

Recalling that they started 2019 with the opening of environmental investments of Sinter Region in which Murat Minister of Environment and Urbanization participated, and in the last days of the year, they initiated the opening of additional environmental investments of Blast Furnace District Dust Holding Systems and Central Wastewater Treatment Plant. Regarding investments, he said:

“Environment is the most important and priority issue of our management. We have made huge investments so far. We're on the last turn. In the last period, we will also complete a series of environmental investment projects consisting of 24 large and small items with a total investment value of $ 50 million. The realization rates of some of these investments, which we started in the second half of 2019, are above 90%. Almost every month during this year we will have completed one or two. These include dust suppression systems, field concreting, closed storage areas, coke batteries emission control systems, ladle furnaces dust collection systems, environmental investments such as biological wastewater treatment plant modernization. Within the scope of these investments, we will carry out visual improvement and landscaping and planting 50 thousand plants and trees and reveal a green Kardemir. The progress reports of each investment are carefully monitored. Takip

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