90,2 million passengers moved by road last year

million passengers carried by road last year
million passengers carried by road last year

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan reported that a total of 5 million 961 thousand 236 passengers were transported on the highways last year, with 90 million 176 thousand 556 flights.

Minister Turhan evaluated the services and statistics on the highway in 2019.

Sharing the notification data made to the Transportation Electronic Tracking and Control System (U-ETDS), Turhan said, “Last year, a total of 5 million 961 thousand 236 passengers preferred to travel by road with 90 million 176 thousand 556 trips. 3 million 270 thousand 157 of these voyages were not scheduled, and 2 million 691 thousand 79 were scheduled. 21 million 73 thousand 480 passengers were carried on non-scheduled flights and 69 million 103 thousand 76 passengers were carried on scheduled flights. ” said.

Turhan stated that the cities where the most passengers are transported according to the boarding and landing locations are Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Bursa and Antalya, respectively:

“The most passengers in the tariff have been moved on the routes of Istanbul-Bursa, Istanbul-Tekirdağ, Bursa-Istanbul, Istanbul-Ankara, Tekirdağ-Istanbul respectively. In the tariff, Antalya, Istanbul, Muğla and İzmir were the provinces where the most intense transportation took place respectively. Despite not being obliged to notify, 2019 firms provided 414 cargo information in goods transportation in 907. ”

“The most received type of authorization certificate was K2”

Turhan stated that the total number of valid authorization certificates issued under the Highway Transportation Law no.

Turhan informed that 2019 thousand 24 companies and 409 thousand 90 vehicles were included in the system for the first time in the year. he spoke.

“The number of inspected vehicles approached 83,5 million”

Emphasizing that human life is valuable for them, Turhan said that the vehicle inspection stations started operating from January 11, 2008 to December 31, 2019, and that 83 million 463 thousand 975 vehicles were inspected.

Turhan pointed out that 29 million 780 thousand 165 vehicles could not pass the inspections, and that their inspections were approved as a result of the completion of the deficiencies of 29 million 234 thousand 238 in the repetition of 28 million 577 thousand 626 vehicles.

In Turkey, a total of 210 fixed, 74 mobile stations, 13 mobile tractor inspection station and Turhan said that a total of 5 inspection stations found to be 302 motorcycles, subject to examination in 2019 approximately 9,9 million vehicles from about 3,46 million vehicles for inspection is requested again that told.

“10 out of 4 vehicles have flaws detected”

Minister Turhan stated that the most common heavy defects detected in vehicle inspections last year were that the license plate did not comply with the regulations, defects related to the brake and brake light and incompatibilities regarding the rear belt or belt locks.

Emphasizing that defects were detected in 10 out of every 4 vehicles in vehicle inspections, Turhan said, “These defects were eliminated. For example, as a result of a total of 2019 million 13 thousand 363 vehicle inspections made in 678, 2 million 267 thousand 379 brake system errors were corrected. ” found the assessment.

"Export shipments increased by 4 percent"

Expressing that 390 thousand 52 vocational qualification certificates were issued via e-Government last year, Turhan said that the export transports carried out by Turkish vehicles in this year increased by 4 percent compared to the previous year and reached 1 million 360 thousand 90.

Giving the information that the most intensive Habur, Kapıkule, Cilvegözü, Sarp and Gürbulak border gates are used in the expedition of Turkish vehicles, Turhan said, “The countries with the highest increase in the expeditions made by Turkish vehicles in 2019 were Iraq, Syria, Iran, Uzbekistan, Georgia and Romania respectively. . " used expressions.

“The most authority certificates and U-ETDS transactions were made from e-Government”

Stating that 2019 million 399 thousand 846 access / interrogation and 846 million 22 thousand 65 transactions were made in 849 regarding the services offered from the e-Government for the highway, Turhan said, “The most common of these transactions is the professional qualification procedures, authorization certificate and U-ETDS transactions. it was. As a result of the transactions made through e-Government, 34 million 102 thousand 843 lira was saved, and 4 million 617 thousand 967 pieces of paper were prevented. ” said.

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