Forget Fish in the Sea of ​​Marmara if Canal Istanbul

channel istanbul project will affect the climate balance of the region
channel istanbul project will affect the climate balance of the region

The relationship of Kanal Istanbul with the Montreux Convention, its financial statement and its impact on the passage of the ship in the Bosphorus were widely discussed.

However, both the possible effects of the waterway that will connect the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Marmara and the meteorological changes to be created in the city seem to be largely overshadowed.

During his time at METU and Hacettepe University, he was the former Vice President of TÜBİTAK, who conducted many researches in the Bosphorus and managed many research projects in the Black Sea. Dr. Cemal Saydam claims that the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) report is far from the level of scientificity expected from him.

Professor Saydam: "Child born with Marmara asthma, Kanal Istanbul EIA report freaking"

VOA in TurkishProfessor speaks. Saydam, "This report is a disaster in terms of marine science. While preparing the report, no opinion was received from one marine scientist. So there is no d of the sea. Not so freaking. Those who prepared this report don't understand sea science at all. Even more disastrous if they understand. Look, my life has passed in Marmara for 15 years. I was either a head or a member of the team that painted the bottom of the Bosphorus and painted the flag red. Then I was Tübitak vice president. I was the marine research coordinator. There is no work done here without my knowledge. I would describe Marmara as a child born with asthma. This child is congenitally deficient in oxygen, '' he said.

'' If the canal is made in Istanbul, the Marmara Sea will smell like rotten eggs ''

According to Professor Saydam, the Sea of ​​Marmara, which is the 'asthmatic child' of the Mediterranean with low oxygen and the Black Sea with low oxygen, will die over time if Canal Istanbul is built.

'' When Kanal Istanbul came to the agenda, I said think of it as a pool problem. A Black Sea pool pours three or four seas and one tap empties. You install another tap without increasing the flow of incoming water, then you ask what happens. The number I got from the EIA report confirms the pool problem. 21 cubic meters more water will come to Marmara from the Black Sea. If 21 percent of 10 cubic kilometers is an organic load, 2 cubic kilometers of organic load will come to Marmara. Marmara is currently disposed of with 2,2 cubic kilometers of Istanbul and cannot deal with it. She suffers from oxygen deficiency because she cannot cope with it. You bring 2,2 cubic kilometers of extra load to the system, which cannot cope with 2 cubic kilometers. You call the man (Sea of ​​Marmara) clear that, he says that I can not clean I die. What happens after he dies? When the organic charge breaks down, if it finds oxygen, it uses it, if it cannot find it, it uses sulphate and becomes hydrogen sulfide. The name of this in society is the rotten egg smell. ”

'' If the canal is made in Istanbul, forget the fish ''

But how can fisheries in the Marmara Sea, which have been contracting the stock of bluefish, bonito and anchovy in recent years, be affected after Kanal Istanbul? Professor Saydam thinks that the new waterway, which will cost 75 billion liras with the calculations of the government planned to be an alternative to the Bosphorus, will also have very negative effects on fisheries.

"Forget the fish, the more you manage to live on the top of Everest as a human, the more the fish will be able to live in the Sea of ​​Marmara, so precise." Future generations will forget how the fish is. Fish cannot be mentioned in the Sea of ​​Marmara. ''

Professor Kadıoğlu: "Channel can increase Istanbul city heat island by half degree"

Another criticism about Kanal Istanbul comes from meteorologist Mikdat Kadıoğlu.

Professor of the Meteorology Department of Istanbul Technical University, just like Professor. Like Saydam, he says the EIA report is inadequate in his field.

Professor answering the questions of VOA Turkish. Kadıoğlu, '' Kanal Istanbul cannot change the macro climate of the region. A very thin narrow waterway. Buildings, cities to be built around this. It is said that it will reach 1 million. It can increase the city heat island at least half a degree in Istanbul. This is a big problem. The cold air from the west causes fog. This fog will of course affect the view at the airport. Passing ships will create public health and air pollution problems in the region with winds coming from the west. Although it affects historical artifacts, early deaths with pollutants and cancer types are expected to increase. These are things that have not been addressed in the EIA reports but have been forgotten. ''

Stating that Istanbul Airport, which is the third airport of the city that started operations last year with the parts of Kanal Istanbul close to the Black Sea, is very close. Kadıoğlu also states that both the high bridges to be built on the canal and the illumination of the canal will pose a risk for the aircraft that land and take off at the airport.

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