Kanal İstanbul can destroy 3 thousand hectares of forest area

Kanal İstanbul Can Destroy Thousand Hectares of Forest Area
Kanal İstanbul Can Destroy Thousand Hectares of Forest Area

Foresters' Association of Turkey Marmara related to North Branch Canal Istanbul route in the remaining forest Forests held a press conference with the participation of the Association. At the meeting, Head of Marmara Branch Prof. Dr. Ünal Akkemik announced the report prepared by the scientific boards. Providing information about forest areas, ecosystems and water channels that will be damaged by Kanal Istanbul, Akkemik will completely destroy a 458 hectare forest area (an area as 595 football fields) with Kanal Istanbul. The amount of forest area lost with the new settlements to be created around the Canal 3 He said he would go up to one thousand hectares (3 thousand 896 football fields).

Pointing out that all northern forests are threatened by the Istrancas to Düzce, Akkemik said: “The Rant Canal project was stopped and requested that the entire area in the region be declared as a conservation forest.

"3. 3 thousand 8 hectares of forests were destroyed with the airport and the 700rd bridge ”

Pointing out that the Northern Forests of Istanbul have been decreasing due to human pressure for many years, Akkemik said, “According to the forest inventory of 1971, the forest assets of Istanbul, which was approximately 270 thousand hectares, decreased to 2018 thousand hectares in 243. The forest area lost in 47 years is 27 thousand hectares. 8 thousand 700 hectares corresponding to approximately one third of this loss have been given in the last 3 years for the construction of the 3rd Airport and 8rd Bridge connection roads. In addition to these, 20 thousand hectares of forests have lost its quality for activities such as mining, defense, landfill, water, education and energy investments. ”

“Forest will be damaged as much as 3 thousand 896 football fields”

Universal's news according to Channel Istanbul with 458 acres of forest area (an area up to 595 football fields) said it would be completely destroyed Akkemik, "And no, this forest area of ​​287 hectares of conservation value of the lake Terkos the highest Conservation Forests status Storage in Turkey It is within the borders of the forest. In summary, a mass deforestation process will be experienced especially for Istanbul province. ”

Stating that the amount of forest area lost with the new settlements to be created around the canal will increase to 3 thousand hectares (3 thousand 896 football fields). Dr. Akkemik said, “In addition, granting new permits from the forest areas for the stone, stone and cement required for the construction of the canal and new settlements, and the amount of lost forest area may increase even more. Road, energy, etc. for new residential areas. It should not be forgotten that investments may also be necessary and forests will be firstly overlooked. Because the first places sacrificed to avoid expropriation costs have always been forests. ”

“When the forest disappears, the drinking water feature of Terkos lake disappears”

Channel conservation value in Turkey remaining on the route Istanbul giving information relating to the highest protection forest Akkemik "Lots will disappear at the same time a section will be the channel for educational purposes which is used as protected forests in ways that will be held for the excavation of the spill and coastal fill in the survey. These forests can also be negatively affected by dust from the embankment and air pollution from ship and vehicle traffic. The complete loss of this dune afforestation will lead to the disappearance of the drinking water feature of Terkos Lake. ”

“Trees, birds, plants will also disappear”

Noting that the flora and fauna lists given in the EIA report are missing. Dr. Akkemik said, “Istanbul's Northern Forests and natural ecosystems such as sand dune, pasture, wetland and shrubbery are home to 2 thousand 500 plant varieties, 38 mammals, 35 frogs and reptiles. Along with wetlands, these natural terrestrial ecosystems accommodate up to 350 bird species. According to the EIA report, on the channel route; 399 plant species, 37 mammals, 8 bats, 239 insects, 7 two-living, 24 reptile and 249 bird species live. Of the plants, 13 are endemic and 16 are threatened. Similarly, 153 of the fauna elements are the species protected under the Bern Convention. There are also 5 bird species under threat. It is stated in the EIA report that there are about 201 thousand trees in forest areas cut for Kanal Istanbul. Although it is now known to the public that decades of afforestation need to take years to become a forest ecosystem, we still do not understand that the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and the Ministry of Forestry are still respected in the EIA reports.

Northern Forests under threat

Pointing out that all northern forests from Istranca to Düzce are under threat, Akkemik said: “The Rent Channel Project; Thrace, Istanbul and Anatolia will divide the Northern Forests, which are the source of water, breath and life and parallel to the Black Sea coast of Marmara, from Kırklareli to Düzce, forming a unique ecosystems union, after the 3rd Airport. This will also lead to another blow to the wildlife, which is under the pressure of construction, growing in parallel with the heavy industry and service activities concentrated in the region. ”

Northern Forests should be declared as 'conservation forests' and kept away from construction

Pointing out that the rough destruction of forests and other ecosystems actually risks our future, Akkemik said, “Because these natural ecosystems contribute to the accumulation of clean water in Istanbul drinking water basins, the cleaning of Istanbul's air and the prevention of natural disasters such as floods. To be done; "The Northern Forests, which have been subjected to severe destruction for decades, has been declared as a" Conservation Forest "and it is immediately closed to all kinds of rent and plunder projects and kept under protection together with other natural ecosystems."

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