İZTAŞIT Buses Carried 113 Thousand Passengers in First Two Weeks

iztasit buses in the first two weeks of the thousand passengers
iztasit buses in the first two weeks of the thousand passengers

İZTAŞIT buses carried 113 thousand 413 passengers on the Seferihisar line where the application started in the first two weeks. A number of improvements have been made to improve the quality of the expedition.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has initiated the İZTAŞIT project to include transportation cooperatives in the surrounding districts in the public transportation network. İZTAŞIT vehicles, which have started to provide a better quality service with new buses, carry 113 thousand passengers in the first two weeks, and the disruptions seen due to the new system are being eliminated quickly. In order to improve the quality of the IZTASIT flights, which are continuously monitored by ESHOT, solutions created in the light of notifications from the cooperative management and citizens as well as field observations are being implemented rapidly.

IZTASIT application Seferihisar'da minibuses transported under a single roof united drivers.

Three more buses will come

Mr. Erhan, General Manager of ESHOT, stated that the interruptions in the schedule will be minimized with three new vehicles that will be included in İZTAŞIT in a short period of time. Ulamış'ta stops were detected. These will be installed quickly. We don't have a big hitch right now. The members of the cooperative are also rapidly adapting. They are aware of their institutionalization and develop accordingly. The system is very new and sitting. After a while, everything will be much better. ”

It will spread to all districts

İZTAŞIT'lar, in the near future first in the peninsula, then in all the surrounding districts of Izmir is targeted to work. In this direction, ESHOT General Directorate continues to negotiate with the management of individual transportation cooperatives serving in districts.

Improvements in İZTAŞIT

Due to the intensity in the Seferihisar - İzmir line numbered 975 and 985, the frequency of trips was increased from 11 minutes to 8 minutes by increasing the number of vehicles.

The harmony of the expedition times of the 991 numbered Çamtepe - Seferihisar buses with the school hours of the students residing in Gödence, Gölcük and Çamtepe were resolved by increasing the evening time. The loss of time due to the same buses serving the Almonds, Ihsaniye and Turgut regions was overcome when Bademler No 732 - Urla line made Bademler last stop. Ihsaniye and Turgut started to be served with line 991.
No. 990 Beyler - Seferihisar line was extended to two services in the morning.

It was decided to make the last stop in Ürkmez, instead of the last stop of No. 829 Cumaovası - Seferihisar line in Orhanlı. Thus, the integration of lines 829 and 989 was achieved.

The loss of time and frequency of trips due to the 989 numbered Orhanlı - Seferihisar line serving to Ömür Town and Payamlı will be solved with the arrival of three new vehicles to be added to the fleet.

Disabled and over 65

Owners of 40% and over disability report, who are entitled to "free" boarding to ESHOT buses, a companion of the disabled and citizens over 65; Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Seferihisar Local Service Directorate and ESHOT Customer Service Unit in Konak can also get a free ride to İZTAŞITs with a photo Izmirim Card.

113 thousand out of 25 thousand passengers over 65

IZTASIT vehicles, which have been completed with the Izmirim Card and operated under the supervision of ESHOT, have completed 113 thousand 413 passengers in the first two weeks. The total number of boarding passes for students, teachers and 60-year-olds is 88 thousand 70; ESHOT subsidized by the General Directorate of disabled, 65 years and other free boarding total was 25 thousand 343.

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