Model Developed for Izmir Metro Gained 6 Million Turkish Liras

The model developed for Izmir Metro earned million TL
The model developed for Izmir Metro earned million TL

Thanks to its Economical and Efficient Driving Technique model, İzmir Metro has saved 10 million lira of electricity in 6 years.

In order to use energy more efficiently, which is one of the most important expense items of the rail systems, İzmir Metro has developed a model called Saving and Effective Driving Technique. The model used since 2009 has reduced energy costs with the increase in the number of passengers and trips.

The developed model provides significant savings in the amount of energy spent per passenger carried. The value of the energy saved by the increase in the number of passengers and passengers in the metro reached 6 million Turkish Liras.

How does the system work?

In order to manage the energy used in the metro line in accordance with the Economical and Efficient Driving model, important points were determined on the line and the integration of the voyages was ensured at these points. At these points where trains regenerative braking, the energy obtained from the opposite direction and the speeding train can be transferred thanks to this system, which is based on the principle of regaining the resulting energy. The increase in the number of flights significantly increases the use of energy and the amount of savings of trains.

Award-winning project

İzmir Metro Inc.'s team of experts created by the life and scope of austerity measures passed this innovative (innovative) projects in 2015 (KalDer) from Turkey Quality Association "Achievement Award" was received.


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