Istanbul Private Public Buses Will Work for Earthquake Survivors

Istanbul private public buses will work for earthquake survivors
Istanbul private public buses will work for earthquake survivors

Private Public Bus operators operating in Istanbul decided to send a portion of their income to Elazig Governor's Office on Wednesday, taking a joint decision.

Private Public Buses (ÖHO), operating under the control of the Traffic Directorate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), decided to contribute to the relief of the Elazig residents affected by the earthquake. The chairmen and directors of Özulaş AŞ, Halk Transportation Inc., Öztaş Inc., Yeni İstanbul Public Buses Inc. and Mavi Marmara Transportation Inc., operating in Istanbul, came together to support some of the revenues they will earn on Wednesday, January 29, to help heal the wounds of the earthquake victims. decided to separate.


The earthquake disaster that took place on January 24 at 20.55 and affected Elazig and Malatya caused losses that deeply injured our entire country. Heal their wounds after the earthquake in Turkey last mobilization, solidarity and well presented beautiful examples of engagement. In order to contribute to this solidarity, Private Public Buses operating in Istanbul aim to allocate 200 thousand TL from the budget to be generated on Wednesday. The collected money will be sent to the Elazig Governorship. Contribution will be made to establishing container cities for earthquake survivors.

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