Istanbul Çağlayan Metrobus Fire!

metrobus fire in istanbul caglayanda
metrobus fire in istanbul caglayanda

A fire broke out in the metrobus from Zincirlikuyu to Beylikdüzü in Istanbul. While moving from the Çağlayan stop, the driver, who noticed the smoke coming from the engine part of the vehicle, stopped the metrobus and opened the doors and evacuated the passengers.

The fact that the fire in the engine part of the metrobus was noticed early by the driver prevented a major disaster. In the first place, the fire that IETT employees intervened with fire tubes was put under control by firefighters and put out. During the extinguishing works, there was a short disruption in the metrobus services. The voyages returned to normal after the metrobus, whose engine part was damaged, was pulled to a safe area by the road maintenance vehicle.

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