Istanbul Bosphorus Lines Will Be Open To Public Transportation 24 Hours

Istanbul Bosphorus lines will open to public transportation hours
Istanbul Bosphorus lines will open to public transportation hours

Sinem Dedetaş, General Manager of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Lines, stated that City Lines provides transportation of 42.5 million passengers. Dedetaş gave the good news that the Bosphorus Lines will be opened to public transportation 153 hours a day, saying that they are interested in all the suggestions from ALO 24.

Sinem Dedetaş, General Manager of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Lines, at City Lines, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğluHe stated that they are continuing their efforts to achieve the goal of improving the lines and increasing the share of maritime in public transportation.


Dedetaş stated that they received a lot of new requests from passengers using the sea route. “We have analyzed these demands one by one, on what lines can be opened and what can be done in maritime transport, absorbing holistic benefit. Therefore, we are preparing for the summer tariff, ”said Dedetaş.

“Transportation integration is required to increase the maritime share. We started to work on the planning of flight times. We improve the maintenance processes in our shipyard. We accelerated the repair process of the 200-year-old Fashion Ferry, which came to the agenda with its seats, and we plan to serve our passengers in March. In accordance with the 'Istanbul is Yours' approach, we organized a sustainable transportation congress and maritime workshop organized by our municipality. We held the Marine Workshop in our own shipyard in Haliç. Planning of transportation, maritime culture and Kanal Istanbul were three topics discussed in the workshop. We gathered the workshop with a moderator. We started creating the output, all we'll have in a period of two months. ”


Adding to the words that City Lines provides 21 voyages per day with 700 personnel on 621 lines, Dedetaş stated that the workshops and meetings show that there is a problem of transportation integration in the middle. Dedetaş said the following about the subject:

“We started working in cooperation with academic circles and working groups. As City Lines and other stakeholders of the sea, we strive to use the sea more effectively. We think that we will overcome this problem by establishing a system that is compatible with the metro and buses that provide transportation to the metro. Our target is the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Ekrem İmamoğluAs . According to the data we have, an increase of 10 percent was observed in 2019 compared to 2018. If we only look at the summer season, the rate is 5 percent, which is above the average.”


Stating that a workshop was organized after the coming to the administration in the Islands, the Public Transportation Directorate organized and as a ring expedition at the end of the workshop, Dedetaş gave the good news that the works started in the Bosphorus Lines within this scope. Pointing out that they are expecting a decision from the parliament, Dedetaş said, “After the decision, we will implement a 24-hour system on the Bosphorus side. While explaining that each proposed one from ALO 24 (White Table) was examined one by one, Dedetaş said, “We can also receive applications in written form. City Lines provided transportation opportunities for 153 million 2019 thousand passengers in 42. Although this number is generally good based on the past years, it should increase a little more. ”


Dedetaş said that they are thinking about putting electric vehicles in the sea and said that they are left behind the examples abroad. Dedetaş completed his explanations as follows:

“We also started the project on paper and feasibility studies of the project. The subject of the electric boat is one of the issues that the Ministry of Industry and Technology also emphasizes. He undertook the City Lines coordination in the projects of the Ministry. Electric boats will have a positive impact on our economy and the environment as there is no fuel cost. ”

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