How Much Did ISPARK Fees Increase in 2020?

how much ispark fees
how much ispark fees

Up to 40 percent hike was made to ISPARK parking fees affiliated to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

Citizens reacted to the hikes that took place with the decision taken in the parliamentary meetings of the IMB in December 2019.

With the decision taken after the parliamentary meeting last month, the increase in wages is as follows; In the districts designated as the 1st Region, the closed parking fees are from 0 lira to 1 lira for 11-12.5 hours, from 2 lira to 8 lira in the 9nd zone, from 1 lira to 8 lira in the open parking areas, from 9 lira to 2 lira in the 11nd zone 13 pounds to 1 pounds, 12 pounds in the region was removed from 14 pounds to 2 pounds.

At the entrance prices, the price of 1 TL for 14 hour for trucks is increased from 16 lira, cars from 8 lira to 9 lira, and trucks and buses from 10 lira to 11,5 lira.

In Kayışdağı Hospice Facility, the lowest monthly maintenance fee was raised from 925 to 20 thousand liras.

New price tariffs started to be applied as of January 01, 2020.

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