Temporary Search for İzmirim Card Refill From the Internet!

Search temporarily for card filling from Izmir.
Search temporarily for card filling from Izmir.

With the Electronic Fee Collection System operated by ESHOT, the establishment of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, İzmirim Cards can be filled by giving one-time filling or automatic loading instructions with a credit card. Within the scope of the system in question, complaints are received from time to time that the filling operations are not reflected on the cards or reflected late.

It is aimed by ESHOT to minimize citizen complaints and to resolve complaints as soon as possible. In line with this goal and within the framework of our vision of strengthening the future of urban transportation with innovative solutions of our administration; In order to operate the fee collection system more efficiently, efficiently and smoothly, the transition from the existing Electronic Fee Collection System to the Smart Fee Collection System, which is compatible with new and developing technology, is ongoing. In this context, the exchange studies of bus and turnstile validators, which are the most basic component of the system, continue in buses, İZDENİZ piers, Metro, Izban and Tram stations.

Internet balance loading service is compatible with the validators of the current fee collection system. For this reason, online refills can only be reflected on the cards when boarding from old validators (orange). However, the balance loaded from the internet cannot be reflected on the cards in the case of boarding from new validators (Gray-red screen frame, turnstile black cover).

For this reason, internet filling and order filling (credit card automatic loading instruction) services will not be able to serve for a week starting from 01.02.2020 until 08.02.2020, which is the transition date of the system.

After the transition to the smart fee collection system validators is completely completed, the internet filling and instruction filling services will be put into service more quickly and smoothly as of 09.02.2020.

After this transition, existing İzmirim Cards will continue to be used. In this process, it is kindly requested that our citizens who use the internet filling service have sufficient balance in their cards in order not to have any problems in getting public transportation service.

We would like to thank you for the understanding you have shown during the transition period for the purpose of providing you with a better service.

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