Channel Istanbul Call from İmamoğlu: 'Get Back From This Mistake'

imamoglundan channel istanbul call this wrong frost
imamoglundan channel istanbul call this wrong frost

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, spoke at the “Canal Istanbul Panel” organized by the IYI Party and attended by Chairman Meral Akşener as a listener. Stating that he made an open call, İmamoğlu said, “I appeal to everyone here, to all the authorities in Ankara, to their conscience on behalf of all Istanbulites: Come try the wisdom and science. Think again. Look, you turn from this mistake. Let these folks not turn you away from this mistake. Listen to the voice of your conscience. Listen to the cries of these people. And do not attempt an irreversible betrayal of this unique city. Because this city, this city that was entrusted to us from our past, was handed over to the future in the same healthy way. I hope we will ensure that and we will not allow you to do this great evil to this city," he said.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu, participated in the panel titled “Canal Istanbul Project and the Realities Behind It” organized by IYI Party at Haliç Congress Center. The host of the panel, IYI Party Chairman Meral Akşener and IYI Party Istanbul Provincial President Buğra Kavuncu entered the hall where the event will be held with İmamoğlu and his wife Dilek İmamoğlu. Kavuncu made the first speech before the panel. Then, the panel section moderated by IYI Party Istanbul Deputy Ahat Andican was started. In the panel, Hacettepe University Environmental Engineering Department faculty member Prof. Dr. Cemal Saydam and retired ambassador Faruk Loğoğlu each made speeches.


Speaking after the panelists, Imamoglu said briefly:
“When you see that trauma that will occur with the deterioration of the relationship between the Black Sea, Marmara and the Aegean, the sleep of man fades. These are facts. I want to look at it from a slightly different perspective. In particular, we want this issue to be discussed a lot. Because in 2011, a week before the election, a ruling animation film that brought this subject to the agenda, the ruling party of that period, has raised the issue since that day. He never opened, never mentioned. Not to mention, he did not argue with people who knew any information about the channel. It did not create an information exchange environment either. Talking, discussing and understanding today is an important gain for us. In our recent research, we have obtained from the data that the society has serious knowledge on this subject. This shows that the country has very deep issues today. Poverty, unemployment, economic problems at the beginning… After all this, after a minister who came out saying “We are making the tender for the Canal Istanbul”, we also shared this with the Istanbulites. 'Wait, let's see. What is happening? What are you doing? What are you doing? After asking why you are doing your questions, they started to analyze Istanbul and become a foundation with the transfer of healthy information sources for us and the public. ”


“In this process, we have obtained from researches that as long as the citizen is aware of the benefits, they see their benefits and harms, they never approve of this project. Of course, we see an attitude: 'We will, we will!' There is no other attitude. The EIA report is suspended, objections are given, institutional, personal objections to the EIA report are ignored and the EIA report is approved. We say, you don't need to convince us, IMM President. Convince the world of science; enough. The citizen of Istanbul is already convinced at that time. But mind and science have demonstrated a very clear attitude in this sense. Kanal Istanbul was launched in 2011. The 2015 elections came, they said, 'Let's not get into that topic now.' 2019 local elections came. Remember; There is no granular sentence. Such an important choice is about Istanbul. They ended the election without a single sentence about the project, which they care so much about Istanbul and believe that they will make the biggest success in the world. After this silent process, they emerged as "We hit the pickaxe."


“I call this project 'Chameleon project'. This project goes into every color. In 2011, Mr. President, addressing the definition of this project, says to the public: 'This project is a multi-dimensional project. It is also an energy, transportation, public works, education, employment, urbanism, family, housing, environmental project. It is a project to protect Istanbul, agriculture, green, animal and plant life. ' Everything is in the project. I have read this statement at least 10 times. Where does it match today? I couldnt find it. Then I said, "In that simple animated movie, I guess they told another President of the project that time." This project is not that project. It does not fit these definitions. Whatever you have in it. It is good for everything! I'm rebelling too. I can not accept as IMM President. I'm rebelling. I also see my rebellion heard by millions of my fellow citizens. I see their rebellion, too. ”


“I think that we should not prevent this process by putting forward this process with various initiatives based on the law, with the right sense, with the right sense, with the mind. Of course we will have workshops, of course we will discuss this issue, we will object to the EIA report. Currently, 100 thousand plans are pending. What you call a 1 / 100.000 plan are the constant rules of a city. This work is not done behind closed doors. It is not done by a project office. It is made open to the public. The 100 thousand plan is not a simple matter. We will object to this. I did it yesterday. We have to. We must use our legal rights to the fullest. The number of people to displace people in 6 neighborhoods in 19 districts is 316 thousand people. You displace and transport 316 thousand people. The real problem, the main apocalypse will break here. The society there is not aware of this. ”


“It seems that the cost of Kanal Istanbul expressed by the government is 100 billion liras. In other words, an additional burden, an additional tax to the citizen on their definition, is 100 billion lira. So at this moment, when almost every three young people are unemployed, while our people are breaking from unemployment, there are other things we need to solve, you put such a burden on people's back. He makes nine Marmaray. While you can eliminate the earthquake problem of all Istanbul, you see such a burden on Istanbul. Why? You will bury Istanbul again in concrete. At the end of this process, you will be very wrong in terms of cost. Then I guess you know. We won't do that, let me say that. ”


“We say to those who want to compel us to do this; 'Why are we obliged?' Who is obliged? We are not. A small minority is compelled. Who is obliged? Yes, those who buy that 30 million square meter land are obliged. They tied their lives there. Obviously, those who will build this channel and the buildings around it can also be compelled. I can understand that too. But we are never obliged to Kanal Istanbul. The people of Istanbul have no such intention. The citizen does not accept. For those who feed on the waste order, we have closed the doors of the administration of Istanbul. Nobody is taking advantage of the waste order anymore in IMM. I had some doubts that this process was triggering. Mr. Meral Akşener, I started thinking when I said 'you are the culprit'. Yes, I think the 2019 elections were a bit of a trigger. It triggered the process in this sense. We strive for the moral use of public resources at IMM. We never allow partisanship. I think that people who are used to the waste order are obliged to Kanal Istanbul. We are not obliged. The people of Istanbul are not obliged. ”


“We have a lot to challenge the world. Our valuable speakers talked about the success. I don't think that challenging the world is in high tone. No matter how much you shout here, they will not hear you from Japan, Korea, Australia or Europe or even neighbor Bulgaria, Georgia. But the technological skills, achievements, successful academics' publications, scientific researches that you will reveal can make your voice heard by the world. We understand that sound. When we say international success, we do not call it from shouting, but we define success in our minds. Unfortunately, like a speech in a country, the Minister of Technology comes out and speaks 'Kanal İstanbul in Kanal İstanbul'. In a meeting where technology should be discussed. In a meeting where smart cities should be talked about. I expressed it there, I will also express it here. These need to be known. They are the areas we cannot do to succeed. The difference between the current deficit and exports of our country regarding high technology products in 5 years is $ 2019 billion excluding 107. ”


“We say Hani? we are an oil dependent country. No, we are a more technology-addicted country. People produce, we consume. For this reason, the Minister of Technology, sir, remembered the garbage mountains very well, twenty-five years ago, this city was saved, and the channel was for him. We applaud everything well done. Mr. President also served this city. Previous and next metropolitan mayors also served. May Allah be pleased with all of them. But what they do well. If Istanbul is going to challenge the world, it can succeed and challenge what young people will reveal about production, young people about technology, next generation production. Frankly, Istanbul will get rid of this channel debate in a collaboration. ”


“This is never a political issue, but a vital issue. We look at this from this perspective and we give this determination and our legal struggle. I see the determination to fight against the legal ground with all the sensitivity of the society and with all its sensitivity. We are ready to make any technical contribution to this in Istanbul. But through lawyers but through technical people ... I hope we will bring this city to this truth. Still, I am calling open and clear. From here, I appeal to everyone, to all the authorities in Ankara, to their conscience on behalf of all Istanbulites: Come to mind, try science. Come and think again. Look back from this mistake. This nation should not return you from this mistake. Listen to the voice of your conscience. Listen to the cry of these people. And do not try this unique city, an irreversible betrayal. Because this city has been delivered to us all so that this city, which has been entrusted to us from our past, can be entrusted to the future in the same healthy way. I hope we will provide this and we will not give you the opportunity to do this great evil to this city. ”

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