Imamoglu: Istanbul Losing Fresh Water Resources Means Suicide

imamoglu loses fresh water resources means Istanbul is committing suicide
imamoglu loses fresh water resources means Istanbul is committing suicide

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, spoke at the “Climate Change and Water Management Symposium”. Emphasizing that their stance on Kanal Istanbul is vital, not political, İmamoğlu said, “When it comes to the vitality of your seas and the existence of fresh water resources, you cannot bring back what you have lost in any way. These are not things that can be bought back, bought and replaced with money. If it could be solved with money, the deserts of the world would be lush. If you disrupt the order of nature for the sake of daily interests, we will all have to pay the price for it for generations. An Istanbul that has lost its fresh water resources and put an end to life in the sea with its own hands - I don't even want to think about it- means committing suicide! It is the mind, common sense and conscience of the 16 million owners of this city that will prevent this suicide.”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu, participated in the “Climate Change and Water Management Symposium” hosted by İSKİ. At the symposium held in Baltalimanı, İmamoğlu was accompanied by CHP Istanbul deputy Gökan Zeybek, Sarıyer Mayor Şükrü Genç and IMM senior management full staff. The symposium started with the screening of the İSKİ promotional film. İSKİ General Manager Raif Mermutlu made the first speech at the event. Mermurtlu explained the “history of water” of Istanbul and the areas of use of water, accompanied by slides.


Taking the microphone after Mermutlu Imamoglu, began his speech by keeping a promise. Imamoglu stated that after his visit to Bagcilar Municipality on 6 January, he went to Sancaktepe Elementary School in the district. Imamoglu said, dim I promised Elif. I liked it because it worked and Elif gave it to me. He didn't know the symposium, so let me tell you. There are drooping drops as the water flows down the drain. I like it so much. Something enormous. In my opinion, I believe that our General Manager of ISKI should hang this up at a very good point of ISKI and evaluate it. We have very sensitive children and young people. ”


One of our greatest weaknesses as a human being, “Nothing happens to me,” Emamoglu emphasized, “We believe that bad things will always happen to others,” he said. Imammoglu said, genellikle We are usually delayed in taking precautions and preparing for negative possibilities and we pay the costs. While the world is struggling with a growing, vital problem like climate change, unfortunately many societies on earth are in the psychology of 'Nothing happens to me'. I don't think we have the right and the limit to be in such a psychology in this land. Loving his country, country and nation; Anyone who thinks of their children's future has to be knowledgeable and alert to the danger of climate change..


İmamoğlu continued his speech as follows: “In one of the 'optimistic' studies regarding the possible effects of climate change, it is predicted that 'striking changes in climate conditions' will occur in 2050 percent of 520 cities in the world by 77. This 'optimistic' work says another very important thing: There is also a prediction that due to climate change, at least 520 percent of the 20 major cities will survive today with unprecedented climate conditions anywhere in the world. This is a terrible situation. We don't even know exactly what will happen to us. We're going to ride a sign of the Day of Judgment. One of the problems caused by climate change is the threat, especially with regard to the disappearance of freshwater resources and their capacity to decrease considerably. The reduction of water resources that maintain their existence in a very sensitive balance will shake life in all aspects of the world, a very important development and a great danger. Water, the source of life; It is the main source of agriculture and industry, namely the economy. Therefore, the future of countries that cannot establish and operate an effective 'water management system' in order to protect and develop water resources is under great threat.


Imamoglu listed the negative consequences of lack of effective water management as follows:
Demek Lack of effective water management; it means facing economic, social and political problems that cannot be cope. In my opinion, climate change and water management is one of the most important survival problems of our country today. Maybe it's the most important. Moreover, the 'survival' issue here has nothing to do with the so-called survivability problem in the election campaigns. This is literally a matter of being-nothing. However, despite this vital importance, we see that there is not enough agenda, that we cannot feel it enough and that it is not considered enough. For example, one of the least talked about aspects of the Kanal Istanbul project, in this sense, unfortunately, is the impact of this completely absurd project on the seas and freshwater resources. It is imperative that everyone living in Istanbul be very clear about how the water resources of this ancient city, which is already facing serious risks due to large population pressure, will be affected by the Kanal Istanbul project. ”


Am Our main duty against the 16 million Istanbulites who have served us with the highest vote rate in the history of this city is to understand the great risk that this project will create in the water resources of Istanbul ”, says Imamoğlu. we have to tell it again and again. Without calling big or small, I call on all Istanbulites of all ages: Ask about the possible effects of Canal Istanbul on the Marmara Sea and the fresh water resources of this city, investigate, learn, and listen to scientists. Don't listen to me or any other politicians; Listen to scientists. Because without water there's no life. No water, no production. Not in the agricultural industry. Without water, our children will have no future..

EY If it were solved with money, the deserts in the world would be green EM

Emamoglu emphasized that scientists have made important determinations about this issue and said, lar They give serious warnings about very dangerous developments. If a project poses such a great risk to the sea and water resources of a city, there is no need to talk about the rest anymore. Even this shows how absurd the project is. Our attitude towards Kanal Istanbul is not political but vital. When it comes to the vitality of your seas and the availability of fresh water resources, you cannot bring back what you lost. These are not things that can be taken back, bought and replaced with money. If it could be solved with money, the deserts in the world would be green. If you disrupt the order of nature for the sake of daily interests, we will all have to pay the price for generations. An Istanbul, which loses its fresh water resources and ends its life with its own hands - I don't even want to think - is committing suicide! It is the mind of 16 million owners of this city that will prevent this suicide. 16 million is common sense. Conscience is. For this reason, we have to create a great awareness about climate change and water management in Istanbul, to explain it in every environment, to create a conscious society and to make children and young people aware of this process. This means to betray today, to the trust of all those who have contributed to the Ottoman Empire or the Republican era, who have not understood this process, who have been trying to ensure the development of water-related policies for hundreds of years.


Imamoglu pointed out that another earthquake risk is as important as the drought for Istanbul. Ince When it comes to the earthquake, there is a point of view that says, ne What is the earthquake related to the channel? İm Scientists know very well that water has to do with the earthquake. The earthquake in this city is a cycle that repeats itself for thousands of years. There is no escape from the earthquake. So if we are talking about water in this city, we always have to talk about the earthquake together with water. We have to learn and prepare. One of the most basic and vital needs following earthquakes is the supply of drinking and potable water, sewage and environmental health services; these are very important issues. The urgent need for water is also required to extinguish fires that are certain to occur after an earthquake. We all know that the failure to provide water and sanitation services after the earthquake will cause a second catastrophe, such as the spread of epidemics. We shouldn't forget that. For this reason, we have to be prepared as ISKI and IMM about the things to be done before, during and after the earthquake. Experience has also shown that earthquakes cause numerous and major damages to water and sewer infrastructure. Many studies have predictions that serious earthquakes can cause serious damages to water and sewerage networks, especially in the European side of Istanbul, in earthquakes exceeding 7.0. I


Yönetmek To run this city cannot consist of dealing with the problems that the city is experiencing today, İm said İmamoğlu.
“You have to talk about 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, and even 100 years of this city, think and prepare for the future. No one doubts that we will fulfill our responsibility for the medium and long term future of the city. This is how we make our own terms of reference and look at the future. We aim to create a sustainable vision based on science, free from daily interests and aiming to reach a common future. We emphasize that it puts forward the struggle not only with daily accounts but also with the protection, development and protection of the natural resources at the highest level and we always want to indicate that we are the followers of this city. We act with common mind and care with respect to the city. We wish to rule this city with a common mind. So we need to know what you think and learn from you a lot. ”


Am In this process, you, as well as you, scientists, academics and members of the press have a great responsibility, İm said Imamoglu, finished his speech with the following words:

“This is a holistic issue. The water issue and the elements that make up the related techniques must be discussed in every environment. I cannot describe the magnitude of the silence or the damage caused by the silenced masses. Therefore, I would like to thank you on behalf of my 16 million fellow citizens for attending this meeting today. I also see this as a debt on behalf of the people of Istanbul. The scientific data, suggestions and vision you will put forward are very valuable for us, for every Istanbulite. Please do not hesitate to share your knowledge, expertise and experience with us. I would like to announce to all of us that we are committed to voice, voice, and contribute to the acquisition of this information in transparent environments. ”

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