Imamoglu Announces Kanal Istanbul Survey Results

imamoglu channel announces the survey results of istanbul
imamoglu channel announces the survey results of istanbul

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluExpressing that they started the Earthquake Mobilization Plan, he said, “We will open 2 large earthquake assembly areas and education parks very soon”. İmamoğlu said that the rate of those who are against the project in the researches about the Kanal Istanbul Project is over 56 percent.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlucontinues to implement the concepts of "transparency" and "accountability", which it placed at the backbone of the election campaign. İmamoğlu, who held a press conference on 23 December 2019, shared the first 23-month period of action after June 6 with the public at a press conference. İmamoğlu gave a similar presentation that day, Vice Presidents Honorary Adıgüzel, Yunus Emre and Aykut Erdoğdu; He also held a meeting with the CHP Group Deputy Chairman of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Engin Altay and the party's Istanbul deputies. IMM Secretary General Yavuz Erkut and IMM Assembly CHP Group Deputy Chairman Doğan Subaşı also attended the meeting. Speaking at the event held in Ortaköy last night, İmamoğlu listed his aim as to give an account of the last 6,5-7 months' activities, to talk about current issues and to share the services they will do from now on.


Saying, “We are trying to work with our friends that we manage the IMM, with a democratic model that will be an example, beyond being transparent”, İmamoğlu gave detailed information about the “IMM table” they faced after taking over the administration. Imamoglu also informed the deputies about the squares of Istanbul, metro lines that stopped and started, 24-hour transportation, combating urban poverty, discounts on transportation to students, 3 thousand 300 TL scholarships per year, nursery to 150 neighborhoods, Istanbul Folk Milk practice. Reminding that it was free to access during religious holidays only in Istanbul in the past, İmamoğlu said, “We have also added national holidays and public holidays. We offered free transportation at the beginning of the year, on October 29 and on August 30. As it is an official holiday on May 1st Labor Day, transportation will be free ”.


Imamoglu also said the following about “cemevi”, one of the most talked about topics:
“We brought the process of counting the cemevis into places of worship to the Parliament. In this regard, AK Party and MHP group insisted on making a decision about meeting their needs, rather than counting as places of worship. I've been working on this for 2-3 months. We insisted on bringing this with a joint signature of 4 parties with our recommendation to the assembly group. Unfortunately, when we did not sign for gold, we gave it to the GOOD Party. Then they envisaged to remove it from the commission as 'help'; but I would like to announce to you that I will bring it back to the Parliament on this issue and I will insist that it be spoken again. The subject is not closed. ”


Explaining his views and services on topics such as “Green Istanbul”, “democratic participation”, İmamoğlu exemplified the importance of the workshops organized by İBB over the phaeton problem in Adalar. Imamoglu said, “For example, the issue of the Islands; The workshops reached this point during the meetings. I can say that one thousandth of the participation we have shown in the Islands did not show the current power in Kanal Istanbul. I care a lot about the citizen dialogue we have created, even in the small matter you see. We have done productive workshops on many subjects. The most important of these was Kanal Istanbul workshop. We did the Water Workshop in addition to this. The effect was quite high. He ensured the scientists to boldly participate in the process, they are workshops. ”


İmamoğlu, who opened a special paragraph on earthquake in his speech, said: “Earthquake issue is a very important and special subject. We came to work as soon as we arrived. We initiated the 'Earthquake Mobilization Plan' and forwarded it to 39 districts. We held our 'Earthquake Workshop' in Istanbul Congress Center for 2 days. We will send the written reports of all workshops to all of you in February. In this workshop, we exchanged views with about 200 thousand people. 174 different institutions attended. As a result, we created the 'Earthquake Platform' and within this, the 'Earthquake Council' developed. We define a cooperation in the environments that will occur against the earthquake hazard of Istanbul and the measures to be taken. We also ensure that responsibility becomes widespread. In this, we ensure the existence of many institutions. ”


“It is valuable that the local is the center of such matters. But the state's funny practices such as some practices, taking AFAD in Istanbul against AKOM to another dimension, the bureaucratic channels there do not work very efficiently in my opinion, behaving as if it were a political issue, and not being invited to participate in some of our plans. you've had. But we care about this issue. We activate our mobile application. We are currently working on analyzing the current state of the stock of urban transformation. In 50 pilot buildings, we try different applications. Here, both TÜBİTAK and İTÜ have a work. A German organization has a proposal. Fixing work is very important. We are trying to create a building inventory of Istanbul here. Let's say that we will inform the society with interim reports, we will train about 100 thousand IMM employees at first, and we will embrace this process. ”


“We will open two large earthquake meeting areas and education parks very soon. Also, let's say that we will share the meeting areas of Istanbul with realistically and in a way that will be shared with Istanbul in the near future. I have announced that we will never leave the public agenda by following all these up-to-date and sustainably. We work with an advisory board on urban transformation. Unfortunately, there are areas that are 'sacked', so to speak, that continue in urban transformation. We are trying to repair them. On the one hand, the buildings are finished, on the one hand, there are people who need to move. But we are faced with problems and tense communities experienced for 2-1 years. Unfortunately, the urban transformation model developed in the mind is very bad. These have issues that must be regulated by law. Urban transformation is an important business for us. We are aware of this. Hopefully, we will present and work with you in 2, in their concrete form, in this regard. We will illustrate how we compromise. ”


İmamoğlu emphasized that they will make a net investment of 2020 billion in 10 in Istanbul and said, “You will see about 10 new investments almost every month. In 2020, we will open more than 100 investments, excluding our nurseries. We are preparing a very productive 2020 year. Whatever they do, they will not be able to prevent us. I see that we get public support. In our researches, we see that the support for us has grown in parallel. For example; We have measured how the stance against Kanal Istanbul has changed. When this issue was put on the first agenda, when we said 'We are going to tender', there was a support rate of 56-57 percent, in other words, there was a positive ministerial rate. This is now reversed. Around 56-57 percent turned into a citizen negative. In fact, we think that it is over 60 percent nowadays. We see that the positive view continues and even grows in a number of cross-polls conducted by both the Head Office and us, and that it has been adopted by the people of Istanbul. Each of these motivates us even more. It makes us feel we have a lot to do. Hopefully, we will be a government that is interested in all issues of this holy city and struggles for a solution. ”

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