Electricity Generation Inc. General Directorate will make the purchase of Assistant Inspector

electricity production
electricity production

Electricity Generation Inc. (EÜAŞ) General Directorate Assistant Inspector Entrance Exam. EUAS, according to the KPSS score will determine the 200 candidates will determine 10 assistant inspectors. The deadline for applying for the examination for this personnel recruitment was announced as 03 February 2020.

Electricity Generation Inc. under the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. Applications for the exam to be held in Ankara for the (EÜAŞ) General Directorate Assistant Inspector Entrance Exam has started to be received. Applications can be made until February 3, 2020 at the latest. Candidates who wish to apply for the recruitment of the personnel in question can be made personally from the institution's office in Ankara or by mail via the address in the announcement.

The conditions sought for the applicants according to the announcement of the Institution in the Official Gazette are as follows:

(1) To get 2018 or higher PSS score from Public Personnel Selection Exam (KPSS) conducted by OSYM in 2019 or 48 and to be among the first 80 among the applicants starting from the highest score (Equal score) In case the number of candidates in the last row is more than one, all candidates with this score will be invited to the written exam).

(2) To fulfill the general conditions stated in Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48.

(3) Not to be 01 years of age as of 01/2020/35 (01/01/1985 and later born).

(4) To have graduated from the faculties of law, political sciences, economics, business administration, economic and administrative sciences of higher education institutions providing education for at least four years or from higher education institutions whose equivalence has been accepted by Higher Education Council.

(5) Not to be associated with military service as of the written exam date for male candidates.

(6) Not having any health problems that prevent them from performing their duties continuously.
(7) Not to commit to any institution other than EUAS.

(8) To submit the required documents together with the candidate form to the address specified in “II-EXAM APPLICATION”

Place and Time of Application:

(1) Applications for the entrance exam will start on 14/01/2020 and will end on 03/02/2020 at 17.00.

(2) Applications are completed by filling in the application form published on the website of the General Directorate of EUAS (www.euas.gov.tr), along with other necessary documents. Ü EÜAŞ General Directorate Inspection Board Presidency Nasuh Akar District Türkocağı Street No: 2 / F1 KLMN Block Floor: 5 Room no: 515 06520 Balgat-Çankaya / ANKARA ”in person or by post.

(3) Applications made after this date, applications received after this date due to delays in the mail and applications made with incomplete or invalid documents shall not be taken into consideration.

Exam Introduction Topics:

Law; a) Constitution, b) Criminal Law (Book 1 of the Criminal Code, “General Provisions;, Chapter 2, Chapter 2, Suç Crimes Against Its Assets Kitap, Chapter 10, Chapter 2 Chapter Suç Crimes Against Public Trust ”, Part 3, Chapter 4, Suç Crimes Against the Reliability and Functioning of Public Administration”), c) Civil Law (except Family Law), ç) Law of Obligations (“General Law of Obligations“) Provisions ile and Rent, Service, Work, Surety Agreements),
d) Commercial Law (the “Beginning” part of the Commercial Code and the 1st books titled “Commercial Enterprise ve and the 3rd books titled met Negotiable Instruments)), e) Labor Law.
Economy; Economic theory and policy, money, bank, credit, conjuncture, national income, international economic relations and institutions, business control and financial management, current economic problems.
Finance; Fiscal theory and fiscal policy, the principles of Turkish tax system and laws, the principles of public expenses and expense issues, budget and budget types, public debts.
Accounting, Mathematics; a) General accounting, b) Balance sheet analysis and techniques, c) Commercial accounts and statistics.
Foreign Language (English, French, German).
Exam Place and Date:

(1) The written exam will be held by Ankara University Continuing Education Center (ANKÜSEM) on Saturday, 07/03/2020 between 10:00 - 13.00 (180 minutes) in a single session in Ankara. No candidate will be admitted to the building after the first 15 minutes following the start of the examination.

(2) The day, time and place where the candidates will take the exam shall be stated in the lık Candidate Certificate ”.

Exam Details:

(1) The entrance exam consists of two stages: written exam and oral exam.

(2) The written exam will be conducted in a multiple choice (5-choice) test procedure with only one correct answer option. Wrong answers will not affect the correct answers.

(3) Those who do not pass the written exam are not called for the oral exam.

(4) The full grade in the written and oral exams is 100 points.

(5) In the written exam, a total of 25 questions will be asked, 125 of which are from each examination subject group.

(6) In order to be deemed to have succeeded in the written exam, the foreign language exam must not be less than 50, each of the grades received from other exam groups must not be less than 60 and the average is below 65. The first 20 candidates who have received the highest written exam score among the candidates who are considered successful will be invited to the oral exam.

(7) In case the number of 20th candidates is more than one due to having equal points in the written exam, all candidates with this score will be called for the oral exam. Written test results for others kazanis not considered a right.

(8) Written exam results and the list of those to be invited to the oral exam, http://www.euas.gov.tr announced on the internet. Right to take the oral exam kazanCandidates are also notified in writing.

(9) The oral examination shall be made from the subject groups of written examination. In the oral examination, the knowledge of the candidates in general and the personal qualities of the candidates such as intelligence, speed of transfer, ability to express, attitude and movement are also taken into consideration.

(10) In order to be considered successful in the oral examination, the average of the grades given by each member of the examination board over 100 full points must not be less than 70 points.

(11) Entrance exam grade; It is calculated by taking the average of written and oral exam grades.

(12) In the success ranking created after the calculation of the entrance exam grade, if the number of successful people is more than the number of Assistant Inspectors to be taken (if the number of successful people is more than 10 people), those with higher entrance exam grades are preferred. In case of equality of entrance exam grades, the candidate with superior foreign language grade will be given priority. kazanir. Exam results for others kazanis not considered a right.

(13) Candidates shall submit their objections regarding the written examination questions and the application of the examination to the Presidency of EÜAŞ Inspection Board within 3 working days from the date of the examination. Objections received after the expiry of this period shall not be considered. Appeals are evaluated within 5 working days and the person concerned is notified in writing. Objections to the results of the written examination, the announcement of the results, the objections to the oral examination are made to the Presidency of EÜAŞ Inspection Board with a petition within 7 days after the notification of the results. Appeals shall be evaluated by the examination board within 15 days at the latest and notified to the concerned in writing.

(14) Pass the entrance exam kazanlist of candidates http://www.euas.gov.tr It is announced on the internet address and also required notification is made to them.

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