Last Year Passengers Passed Over 209 Million

last year, the number of passengers using the airline increased to million
last year, the number of passengers using the airline increased to million

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, airports across Turkey last year, said that direct transit passengers with 209 million 92 thousand 548 passengers services are provided.

Minister Turhan, State Airports Authority (DHMI) prepared by the General Directorate of 2019 aircraft, aircraft, passenger and freight statistics announced.

Turhan stated that the number of planes landing and taking off at the airports in December last year was 62 thousand 442 on domestic flights and 43 thousand 890 on international flights, and the total aircraft traffic served reached 144 thousand 724 with overpasses.

In the given month, Turkey serves across airports domestic passenger traffic of 7 million 298 thousand 489, Turhan describing international passenger traffic that 6 million 164 thousand 431 was "Thus, the total passenger traffic by direct transit passengers for the month amounted to 13 million 474 thousand 156 . Airport freight (cargo, mail and luggage) traffic reached 56 132 tons in domestic lines and 221 thousand 36 tons in international lines as of December. ” he spoke.

Turhan, according to the realizations of January-December period of 2019 airport landing and take-off aircraft traffic 839 thousand 850 domestic flights, international lines 713 thousand 651 voicing, passing a total of 2 million 30 thousand 291 aircraft with the passing of the road, he said.

Turkey general of airports in domestic passenger traffic of 100 million 140 thousand 814, Turhan stating that the international passenger traffic was 108 million 692 thousand 517 was, "Last year, direct transit total passenger traffic with passengers stood at 209 million 92 thousand 548." used expressions.

“52,3 million passengers were served after the immigration”

Turhan stated that the aircraft traffic that landed and departed at Istanbul Airport in December was 8 thousand 215 in domestic flights, 26 thousand 421 in international flights, and 34 thousand 636 in total. It was realized as 1 million 203 thousand 327 in total as 4. ” found the assessment.

Explaining that in the first three months of the year, 2 aircraft and 630 thousand 327 passengers traffic from Istanbul Airport, Turhan said, “While Istanbul Airport has 169 thousand 327 aircraft traffic from 799 April to the end of December, 52 million 259 thousand 826 passengers service was provided. ” used expressions.

Turhan stated that there are 2019 thousand 138 aircraft traffic in Istanbul Atatürk Airport, where general aviation activities and cargo transportation continue. Pointing out that there were 239 million 16 thousand 72 passengers at Atatürk Airport until the first week of April last year, Turhan said, “In these two airports, a total of 534 thousand 468 aircraft traffic took place in the same period. 38 million 68 thousand 650 passengers were served. ” he spoke.

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