8 Sets of Railroad Vehicle Purchase Tender for Gaziray

set railroad vehicle tender for gaziray
set railroad vehicle tender for gaziray

With the loan provided by the Islamic Development Bank, 4 vehicle purchase auctions of 8 for the Iller Bank Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Gaziray Suburban Project will be held. A total of 4 vehicles will be purchased, with 32 vehicles in each set. In addition, a maintenance service for 24 km of operation was included in this tender, with a 480.000-month warranty.

The contract covers the design, supply, production, delivery, testing and commissioning of Electric Train Sets according to TCDD Gaziray (ERTMS / ETCS and ATS) and related national and international standards and specifications. Electric Train Set, Gaziantep / rail distribution points in Turkey to be delivered and tested and will be ready to accept. Tender invitations are expected in March 2020. Goods, Jobs and related services under the Islamic Development Bank Project Finance (April 2019) are open to all tenderers according to the International Competitive Bidding (ICB) procedure as defined by the Bank's rules.

The tender will take place in March 2020 and the exact date will be announced with a more detailed announcement.



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