Gaziantep Airport Will Not Be Attached To The Fog Barrier

gaziantep airport will not be caught in the fog barrier
gaziantep airport will not be caught in the fog barrier

State Airports Authority (DHMİ) upgraded the existing Instrument Landing System (ILS) at Gaziantep Airport to CAT 2. In this way, there will be no flight cancellations in adverse weather conditions where the visibility is reduced, and will be able to land more comfortably.

Hüseyin Keskin, General Manager and Chairman of the Board of DHMI, upgraded the ILS system from CAT 1 to CAT 2, which heralded at the beginning of the year, which is important for landing in adverse weather conditions. With the system, which was upgraded as a result of the initiatives of Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül and Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Fatma Şahin, the planes will approach the airport safely in meteorological conditions where the view angle has decreased. The fog problem, which constitutes 95 percent of flight cancellations, has been resolved in this way.

It was reported that ILS devices, which started operating in Gaziantep Airport in 2006, could not switch to CAT 2013 system in 2 due to environmental factors. Due to the increase in the efforts and victimizations, the results of the upgrading announced by the General Manager Hüseyin Keskin at the beginning of 2020. The system, which has successfully passed the test flights made as a result of the necessary infrastructure investments and studies, has started to serve. In winter months, when great grievances are experienced and flight cancellations increase, landings will be more comfortable and troubles will be prevented.

In the meteorological studies and measurements, it was determined that the fog ceiling height of Gaziantep Airport is 45-56 meters. The CAT 1 system, which served previously with the upgrade, was able to land the aircraft according to the height of the 114-meter ceiling. This situation created great victimization in winter. With the CAT 2 system, the planes were made to arrive in fog without seeing up to 33 meters. Thus, the possibilities for the aircraft to land safely were provided.

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