Gayrettepe Istanbul Airport Metro Turkey's First 'to a quick subway system

gayrettepe Istanbul airport, metro subway system will be the first fast turkiyenin
gayrettepe Istanbul airport, metro subway system will be the first fast turkiyenin

Speaking at the Gayrettepe-Istanbul Airport Metro Project First Rail Source Ceremony, which was held with the attendance of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Minister Turhan stated that today the Ministry has come together for a good example of the investments made in the city rail system.

Expressing that they made the first rail welding of Gayrettepe-Istanbul Airport Metro today, Turhan said:

“Mr. President, great steps have been taken for a more civilized and flourishing Istanbul in your vision and leadership. While Istanbul is fully equipped with new housing projects, transportation networks that allow comfortable journeys were established by our Ministry under your leadership and continue to be established. The world's leading projects in airlines, roads and rail systems were launched in Istanbul. Mega projects such as the North Marmara Motorway, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and Istanbul Airport come into service, while Istanbul hosts giant tunnels such as Marmaray and Eurasia that pass under the sea and connect the two continents under the Bosphorus. Likewise, each of these projects proved to be beneficial for Istanbul and for our country after its commissioning. Istanbulites benefited from these services. ”

Turhan explained that they are aware of the importance of subways in the rail public transportation infrastructure in the city. he spoke.

“We build on a 7-day, 24-hour, 3-shift basis”

Minister Turhan continued by saying that the Ministry established the transportation infrastructure for Istanbul Airport, which was put into service in accordance with the instructions of President Erdoğan and will be the largest airport in the world when all segments are completed, as soon as possible:

“At this point, we are building the Istanbul Airport-Gayrettepe Metro Line, the construction of which we started, on a 7-day, 24-hour, 3-shift basis. Because this project, which is 37,5 kilometers long and consists of 9 stations, is of great importance for our citizens in Istanbul. Thanks to this line, transportation to the airport will drop up to half an hour. To achieve this, while the maximum speed of 80 km in all subway, the subway system for the first time in Turkey, 120 km / h was projected to make speed. When completed, this project, Turkey's first 'will be quick subway system. "

The project as soon as they use 10 tunnel digging machine in a subway project, the first in Turkey to be put into service at the same time stressed Turhan, very successfully care shown in the execution be excavation operation, the Turkish engineers and speed excavations between machines of this caliber with the efforts worker world said that his record was broken.

“We plan to move 470 meters a day in rail assembly and 14 thousand meters in a month”

Turhan stated that they plan to progress 470 meters a day and 14 thousand meters a month in the rail assembly they will start today and expressed that they aim to complete this line in the fastest and safest way and give it to the service of Istanbulites.

Stating that this project will not only be important for Istanbul in terms of transportation to the airport, Turhan said, “The continuation of this project HalkalıWith the metro project between the airport, it will be connected to almost all Istanbul metro systems and will become the center of the Istanbul metro system. All over Istanbul will be connected to Istanbul Airport and Istanbul Airport will be connected to the whole city. ” he spoke.

Turhan expressed his gratitude to everybody, from his engineer, architect, worker to project manager who contributed to this project.

Map of Istanbul Metro

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