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A promotional article, as it is known today, is one of the most effective backlink methods in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) studies. Thanks to the promotional articles, your site can rise to the top of the search engines on the basis of keywords. The impact of promotional articles cannot be reduced only by increasing rankings on a keyword basis. So much so that, thanks to the backlinks you will receive through promotional articles, your site will technically experience many different positive interactions. So what are the benefits of a white paper?

Benefits of the White Paper

  • Allows your site to rank high in search engines based on keywords,
  • Alexa rank of your site allows you to rise,
  • Increases the domain and page authority value of your site,
  • Increases the trust rank of your site,
  • Increases the Dmoz rank value of your site,
  • Allows you to set up quality and unique backlink structure,
  • Thanks to the introductory letter, you will also have serious digital advertising.

What is an introductory letter in this section of our article? and what are the benefits of the introductory letter. Does every promotional letter received have a positive effect on your site? Of course not! Just like other SEO techniques, there are points that should be applied and taken into consideration in promotional works.

If you apply these points correctly and error-free which we will share in the continuation of our article, you may be successful in promotional works. Otherwise, you may damage your site, make it worse by moving it away from your current location, and even punish your site by putting it in spam. Therefore, you should definitely apply the techniques that we will share below in your introductory letter works.

How should the Letter of Promotion Work be done?

There are many different technical aspects about how to do the promotional writing works. However, of course, the most important of these technical details and the indispensable indispensable letter of introduction should definitely be an original writing. In addition to originality, other technical details are as follows;

Dofollow link status

You should pay attention that the backlinks you get from the articles published for your site are dofollow. Dofollow links refer to backlinks referring to your site. Nofollow links, we're linking to this site, but in the sense of SEO means that we do not technically support.

Time Combination of Articles

If the introductory writings will be published on more than one site, the articles should be published equally and divided by time by using different original introductory letters. Such that; When organic SEO studies are taken into consideration, it is very important to implement the studies by dividing them over time.

Link Combination of Articles

The links to your site through the articles should be given carefully and accurately. Backlinks, which were previously only given by keywords, are now given via different linking combinations.

While creating promotional articles, there are some issues that you should pay attention to in addition to the linking combinations. The content should be prepared in the form of news on a sectoral basis like a qualified news produced by a news site and SEO should be applied to the news prepared. How will these procedures be done?

1. Preparing promotional articles as news on sectoral basis and how to prepare them;

If we have created a content about the promotional article as discussed in our article, if we need to give information about how we can talk about this content sectorally, the introduction and the continuation of the article may be as follows;

All important developments in Turkey and the world, especially e-commerce and information together with the spread of Internet use in general is experiencing. Millions of people now search for information on the internet, but e-commerce needs a significant part of the Internet by providing access to virtual stores do. In fact, all brands have online sales over the internet. As such, the importance of SEO works is increasing. Companies allocate an important budget for SEO in order to deliver their products and services to users. With the help of SEO works, the companies that rank high in the keywords in the search engines increase their sales of products and services.

The most important leg of SEO works is the promotional article. Thanks to their promotional articles, companies can both provide information about the services they offer and the products they sell, and provide a positive interaction to their sites in technical terms. Promotional articles should be obtained from sites where spam, current, original and quality content is entered. All these considerations Jones Boasting Turkey's largest network presentation text Given the Agency, through the quality and professional services it offers can meet the needs of the systematic promotion of firms writing team of experts.

In the example we shared above, we shared about how to write a summary of the content related to the introduction. We hope that our sharing has been enlightening and appropriate for its purpose.

In the rest of our article, we will talk about other issues that should be considered while creating promotional articles.

2. The headings to be determined in the promotional letters;

The headlines you will determine for the content you create are extremely important in SEO. For example, let's say we have created a content about promotional writing like above. How to Write a Promotional Letter? What are the benefits? in the form of a title. In this way, search engines, promotional article, how to write a promotional article, such as what are the benefits of the promotional article, such as sector-based keywords in the search results of the publishers of your site can provide the results of the publisher.

3. Apply SEO to the generated Promotional Posts;

Applying SEO to the qualified promotional article you create has an incredible impact on the recycling rate. SEO techniques that you will apply to an original and qualified promotional article will greatly increase your success rate. So how can SEO be applied to promotional articles?

SEO techniques;

  • While creating an introductory article, you should address the search engine bots while addressing the readers with an original and fluent expression and frequently emphasize the main keyword word of the article. In an SEO-compliant promotion, the number of keywords should account for 4.50% of the total number of words in the entire post.
  • To give a link to one of the keywords (should be the same way if linking will be done in the form of open url or click) to emphasize bold to one of the non-linked words, to make italic emphasis to one and to bold one underline.
  • Spend at least 2 intermediate titles in the article and tag the 1st intermediate title with the h2 tag tag with the keywords in these titles, and tag the second intermediate title with the h3 tag tag.

4. Using Visual in Introductory Writing;

Using visuals in paragraph transitions will enrich the content, so that users don't leave the entire post without reading the full text, increasing page retention, and even clicking on the linked word / url addresses are values ​​that add incredible impact to the work done.

5. Label usage

You can use a tag for a news prepared in accordance with the above criteria. For example, for our promotional article-themed content, we can pass the words such as white papers, promotional articles, package of promotional articles and what is the introduction letter on the tags. In this way, the possibility of users to access the news and the interaction rate of your site on SEO will increase. So how will this happen? An article that does not use a tag gets 1 index on Google, a text with 4 tags gets at least 5 indexes in total with tag indexes in search engines.

Your keyword will appear in the rankings by indexing 5 different search results for 5 keywords because of keyword keywords in the title and tags. Generally speaking; We can get 34 indexes for 34 articles without labels. For the 34 articles used in the label, we get 5 indexes from 170 indext per news. In this case the success and interaction performance of your site folds and multiplies.

It should be noted that a website needs a lot of value. Like a child, it is first coded, then colored and shaped. Of course, as the site grows, the shape, colors and usage areas will expand, so here's what you need to know here will be how to enlarge the site.

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