İZDENİZ Ferry Ferry with Car Expands

Ferry fleet expands in Izmir sea transportation
Ferry fleet expands in Izmir sea transportation

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is expanding the existing fleet within the scope of the goal of improving sea transportation. The first of the ferryboats to be put into service this year was launched in Tuzla with a ceremony.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to increase the share of maritime transportation in urban transportation, is launching two new car ferries this year. The first of the ferries under construction in Tuzla, Istanbul, was launched yesterday.

The equipment of the new ship, which has 322 passengers, 51 vehicles, 18 bicycles and 10 motorcycles, will be completed on the sea and sent to İzmir. The new car ferry will run between Üçkuyular Bostanlı in Izmir in May. The ship, which can speed up to 22 kilometers (12 knots) per hour, is expected to meet the Izmir Bay in November.

Eight ships will be taken in three years

Speaking at the launching of the car ferry, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Dr. Buğra Gökçe pointed out that the Metropolitan Municipality's approach to transportation was built on the development of the rail system, increasing public transportation and reducing carbon emissions. “The subways that we built and tried to do without government support are also indicators of our determination to achieve these three goals. There are 16 passenger ships and three car ferries in our naval fleet. Buğra Gökçe thanked everyone who contributed to the construction of the ship, saying that we will be closer to our goal of increasing the maritime transportation in the city with two new car ferries to be put into service this year.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality General Secretary Buğra Gökçe, Deputy Secretary General Eser Atak, Transportation Department Head Mert Yaygel, Çelik Trans shipyard officials and related bureaucrats attended the ceremony held at the shipyard of Çeliktrans in Tuzla.

Izmirians will name the ship

The ship, whose name will be determined by a questionnaire that the people of Izmir will participate, was launched after the ribbon cutting with the applause of the workers and the İzmir Anthem. Planning to add six more ships to its fleet in 2021 and 2022, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has included adding eight new ships to its fleet by 2023, together with two ferries to be put into service this year.

Technical characteristics of the trolley ferry
Width: 15,2 m
Height: 74 m
Weight: 1323 tons
Power: 2 x 1000 horsepower
Speed: 12 knots

Existing fleet of İZDENİZ

Passenger ships:

1. Cakabey
2. September 9
3. 1881 Atatürk
4. Soma 301
5.Dario Moreno
6. Attila Ä ° lhan
7. Foca
8. Cengiz Kocatoros
9. Gürsel Aksel
10. Sait Altınor
11. Vahap à – zaltay
12. Metin Oktay
13. Trip
14. san ° hsan Alyanak
15. Professor Dr. Aziz Sancar
16. Bergama (Nostalgia Ferry)

Car ferries:
1. Hasan Tahsin
2. Ahmet PiriÅŸtina

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