Eskişehir Wants to Have a Voice in Rail Systems with its 'Cooperation Model'

Eskisehir wants to have a say in rail systems with cooperation model
Eskisehir wants to have a say in rail systems with cooperation model

At the Rail Systems Cluster (RSC) meeting held in Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone (EOSB), opinions were exchanged to establish a liği cooperation model adına in order to gain more voice in the sector.

The Rail Systems Cluster (RSC) meeting was held in Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone (EOSB). The meeting, chaired by Hayri Avcı, was attended by Nadir Küpeli, Chairman of EOSB, former President of ESO Savaş Özaydemir, university representatives and many sector stakeholders. At the meeting, the current situation of the sector, opportunities and future projections and proposals and approaches to form a joint cooperation model were evaluated.

We started to understand the importance of the railway

Speaking at the meeting, EOSB Chairman Nadir Küpeli said that they started to realize the importance of railway transportation in the world and said: esi The Cluster of Rail Systems is the cluster we all attach great importance to. 5-10 years ago, unfortunately, we were not aware of the work, but recently we started to realize how important the railway is in both passenger and freight transportation. As Organized Industrial Zone, we support both our companies working in this sector and our cluster to the end.

We must act together

Mr. Hayri Avcı, Chairman of the Board of Rail Systems Cluster, stated that they aim to reduce the share of their costs by creating a competitive structure. and to reduce the share of input costs by creating a competitive structure in the design, production and certification of rail vehicles such as tramway and tramway. ” Avcı underlined that the maximum benefit would be provided if the facilities and capabilities of the organizations doing or wanting to do the same work were combined and acted jointly.

Mr. Avcı said that they wanted to form a cooperation model to act together and said “2020 presents important opportunities for the global sector. We must work systematically and in an organized way so that we can make the most of these opportunities. Quality; In order to be competitive in issues such as cost and deadlines, we aim to cooperate with the companies operating in wagon production first and then to make joint works, then similar studies will be carried out for each sector ”.


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