Barrier-Free Transport, Barrier-Free Tourism and Barrier-Free Life Project Protocol Signed

unblocked transportation unblocked tourism and unhindered life project protocol was signed
unblocked transportation unblocked tourism and unhindered life project protocol was signed

The ”Barrier-Free Transport, Barrier-Free Tourism and Barrier-Free Life Project” protocol was signed on January 09, 2020 between the General Directorate of TCDD Transportation, the General Directorate of TCDD and the Medical Tourism Association at the Tower Restaurant in the Historical Ankara Station.

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Deputy Minister Enver Iskurt and Adil Karaismailogu, TCDD General Manager Kamuran Yazici, TCDD General Manager Ali Ihsan Uygun, Sinan Ibis and the bureaucrats affiliated to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure attended the ceremony.

Turhan: “We have invested over 17 billion lira in transportation and access infrastructure during our 767,5 years in office.”

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan emphasized that they have been acting with the fact that since the first day as a government, the transportation infrastructure has been the main element that has developed and transformed all living spaces as a government, at the press conference on "Distance and Targets in 17 Years on Railways" held in Ankara Gar. .

Turhan stated that human beings have entered into new, economic, social and cultural relations with every development in transportation, from the invention of the wheel to the discovery of the locomotive, from the production of the first car to the technology of aircraft. Turhan reminded that the railway, which was built between 1856 and 1923, was inherited by the Republic, and that the railway move slowed down after 4.

Railways 2003 government policy to move into bring that Turkey and the future projects Turhan explained that they had repeatedly implemented, "we are on duty for 17 years we have invested over 767,5 billion pounds in the transport and access infrastructure." used the expression.

Underlining that they will continue their railway investments in line with the 2023 targets, Turhan said, “We will reach the railway length of 5 kilometers by completing our new 509 kilometers new line. We will continue to move forward safely into the future. ” he spoke.

Turkey, in 2009, opened the service of the Ankara-Eskisehir line with the high-speed train (YHT) to meet stating, fast and modern travel services 7 Turhan stating they reach 40 percent of the province and the country's population, up to date with the YHT 53,1 million passengers gave the information that he was traveling.

“We ensured that the kidnapped train was caught with YHT”

Turhan stated that the citizens have caught the "missed train" with YHT in the past 60 years, "Our railways have started to live their golden years as in the first years of the Republic." found the assessment.

Stating that they have renewed all of the railways that have not been touched for centuries, and that they have made signaling and electrification, Turhan said that in 2003, they increased the length of the signal line, which was 2 kilometers, that is 505 percent, by 23 percent to 155 thousand 6 kilometers, and the works continued at 382 thousand 2 kilometers.

Minister Turhan stated that in 2003, they increased the length of the electric line, which was 2 km, that is 82 percent, by 19 percent to 176 km, and the works continue at 5 km. Turhan stated that they aim to complete the 753 km long Ankara-Sivas high-speed train line in the second quarter of this year.

“We will strengthen the competitiveness of business people”

Underlining that they aim to increase the rate of electric and signal lines to 2023 percent by 77, Turhan said, “We have also started to offer combined transportation opportunities to our industrialists with road, rail and sea access. used expressions.

Turhan explained that when the planned 25 logistics centers are completed, they will provide the sector with 72,6 million tons and 4,1 million TEU additional transportation opportunities, and will provide 16,2 million square meters of container stock and handling areas. We will open the logistics centers of Mersin (Yenice) and Konya (Kayacık), whose construction has been completed, this year. ” used expressions.

Turhan pointed out that Kars and Izmir Kemalpaşa logistics centers continue their construction works, and that the Sivas logistics center, the contract of which was signed, will start construction this year.

Turhan said that they will add power to the competitiveness of business people by connecting the organized industrial zones, which they call the black ports, with iron networks.

Turhan said that they will make a total of 38 kilometers of connection lines for 36 OIZs, private industrial zones, ports and free zones and 294 production facilities in the coming period. said.

Turhan, 10 ports and 4 piers, including a total of 85 kilometers of railway connections, expressing Filyos, Çandarlı, as well as 7 ports, including major ports of rail connections will be reported.

“We are putting Milli EMU on the tracks this year”

Turhan also stated that KARDEMİR AŞ started the production of high speed rail at international standards as domestic. Turhan gave information that they have used 770 thousand tons of rail with domestic facilities and used them in fast and conventional lines.

Turhan, Ankara-Eskişehir YHT line, while the domestic rate of 55 percent, infrastructure, superstructure, electrification, signaling and telecommunication construction work reached 90 percent of the domestic level, he said.

Explaining that the production of the National Hybrid Locomotive prototype has been completed within the body of TÜLOMSAŞ, Turhan stated that they have become the 4th country in the world that can produce diesel and battery powered hybrid locomotives as prototypes.

Turhan, within the scope of the National Signaling Project 622 kilometers of line section began to work on the installation, said:

“Within the scope of the National Train Projects, we continue the production of the National Freight Wagon, whose concept, design and prototype production are made with completely local facilities, at TÜDEMSAŞ. The local rate of the National DMU sets produced in TÜVASAŞ reached 60 percent. As part of the National EMU project, we established an aluminum body manufacturing factory in TÜVASAŞ. This year, we are putting Milli EMU on the tracks. Within the scope of the National Train project, we continue to work with the Industry Cooperation Project to provide 94 high-speed train sets to support the national production of high-tech subsystems. ”

Explaining that they are making efforts to make the entire transportation and access infrastructure disabled-friendly, Turhan said that 1200 people with disabilities have benefited from the Orange Table Service, which was put into service at the end of last year.

We aim to bring people together with every aspect of life

Medical Tourism Association President Sinan İbiş will be signed today, '' Barrier-Free Transport, Barrier-Free Tourism and Barrier-Free Life Project '' protocol to meet people with special needs and aim to raise national awareness, he said.

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