4-Room 10 Wagons from TÜVASAŞ for Elazig Earthquake Survivors

Roomed wagon for earthquake survivors
Roomed wagon for earthquake survivors

100 of the Personnel Accommodation Wagons produced by TÜVASAŞ for domestic and international markets with their own design and used to meet the accommodation needs of the road personnel in TCDD maintenance and repair areas. set out to be delivered.

The wagons that are sent consist of 4 separate rooms and a living room with a common kitchen.
Wagons can operate in the range of -30 to +45 degrees, equipped with air conditioning and electric boiler system to ensure proper air conditioning. In this way, hot water needs can be met. There is also an infrastructure suitable for heating with stoves. In the living room section, there is a seating group, tables, chairs, TV and mobile satellite receiver.

In the kitchen part; refrigerator, stove, oven, washing machine. Electricity of the wagons, which have a bathroom and a WC, is provided by a 30kva diesel generator in the wagon.

In addition, the stations where it is parked have a 50 meter long cable to meet the electricity need.
Wagons weigh 35 tons and can speed up to 120 km / h.

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