Wagons Opened to Earthquake Survivors in Elazig Station

elazig garinda wagons opened to earthquake survivors
elazig garinda wagons opened to earthquake survivors

While those who spend the night on the street due to the earthquake in ElazÄŸŸ burned the fire to warm up, the most of the residents who stayed in the different places of the city were found in the cold at midnight, minus 10. Great problem warming. In an earthquake, there are no heaters at the time, while the soil is frozen, another one is, we are enduring but the children are very shocked. He says they'll be sick. On the other hand, in ElazÄ ± Ä Gar ±, wagons are accommodated by connecting generators to the wagons.

According to the news of Müzeyyen Yüceâ € ™ from Newspaper Wall; The earthquake victims, who could not enter their homes after the 6,8-magnitude earthquake that occurred in â € œElazÄ ± â € ™, spend the night in schools located in different places and earthquake survivors. Those who cannot find a place here try to get warm by the fire they burn at -10 degrees. The earthquake survivors gathered around Gazi Caddesi, one of the busiest streets of the city, every 100 meters, and the second night of the city, which continues to be shaken by the earthquake of 19 incremental earthquake. It is geã§iriy.


A large number of people remain in the tents set up in Elazig Culture Park by AFAD and Red Crescent teams. It is not possible to get rid of the freezing cold in the tent city, which is mostly composed of earthquake survivors living in the old settlements hit by the earthquake. People who stated that blankets given by AFAD and Red Crescent teams do not prevent cold, tents without a heater do not prevent freezing cold. Earthquake survivors either try to warm up with additional blankets they bring from their damaged homes, or in the morning at the beginning of the fire they burn around the tent. The mother of 5 children is a woman, “The biggest problem is children. We hold on again, but they can't hold on. They are very cold. "I light a fire outside and take it out of the tent," he said.


As a matter of fact, the biggest problem of those staying in tents in the city, especially Kültür Park, is warming. Families are worried that the children are sick especially in the tent city where the children are concentrated. In an earthquake trying to warm up by the fire he burned beside the tent, he said, “They gave the tent, but it is empty. The grounds are covered with soil and ice. Whatever you lay on it, it does not heat up cool. It is very cold at night when there is no heater, "he said. The earthquake survivors who could not warm up in the tent are trying to warm up in the cafe, which is located in the park and is quite hot compared to the tent, even if it is for a short time. Many people sleep either on a chair or on the floor due to the warmer weather here.


Another place opening to earthquake victims is Elazig Station. With the help of the generator connected to the wagons by TCDD, earthquake survivors are accommodated here. About 10 wagons opened to earthquake victims are warmer than tents. So it was filled in a short time. When an earthquake occurred, an earthquake in his home in Aksaray District said, “It was the biggest earthquake I have ever seen. The entrance door of the house was destroyed. I thought I couldn't get out, but we came out by force. My father and mother stay in the mosque, I stay here. The first night we were out until the morning. It was very cold, I came here today. At least it's a hot place. ”

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