EGO Sports Club Students Will Hit Target from Twelve

ego sports club students will hit the target from twelve
ego sports club students will hit the target from twelve

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO Sports Club continues to provide free sports training to the capital city from 7 to 70 in Sincan Indoor Sports Hall.

EGO Sports Club, which has undertaken social responsibility projects with national and international successes, has started to provide active training in archery by adding another one to the sports branches.


Archery training given by coach Cengiz Yildirim was first opened for children aged 8-17 years.

Weekdays and Thursdays between 13.30-15.00 hours free of charge, indicating that the children showed great interest in the sport of Ata, Lightning, starting in April, the summer season, archery training will move from the indoor area to the open air, he said.


Yildirim stated that professional archery equipment was specially designed for age groups and their goal was to train national athletes.

“We opened our archery branch within EGO Sports at Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Sincan Indoor Sports Hall. We are trying to carry whatever belongs to our genes to the next generations, which were taken to the dusty shelves of history. There is a great demand. We recommend archery, which is our Ata sport, which is a sport that all individuals from 8 to 90 can easily do, to all young people and adults. We aim to train national athletes. Thank you for the support provided by our Metropolitan Municipality and EGO Spor. ”


64 national athletes training in various branches of EGO Sports Club, 5 thousand 919 members in terms of the number of athletes are among the largest sports club in Turkey.

Gazel Nur Aksu, 8, who started his archery training and said that his biggest dream was to wear the Turkish national jersey, said: ca When I heard that archery was opened, I voluntarily enrolled in archery. I want to be a good archer and participate in tournaments and win all of them. I liked it very much. So I decided to get training. I would very much like to represent my country at the Olympics and win medals ı.


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