Dorn Therapy Training for TÜDEMSAŞ Staff

dorn therapy training for tudemsas staff
dorn therapy training for tudemsas staff

📩 31/01/2020 21:21

Dorn Therapy Specialist Çağla Yüksel, who explained the connection between body balance and social life with workshops on physics, body and balancing, gave training to TÜDEMSAŞ staff.

In the training held at the TÜDEMSAŞ Bekir Torun meeting room, Çağla Yüksel said that the human body gives important clues about the social life of the person, and that the social life of those who are in balance will be in order. Çağla Yüksel also showed simple exercises after the body regained its impaired balance. The training was followed by TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Mehmet Başoğlu, Deputy General Managers, representatives of workers and civil servants' unions and personnel.

Dorn Therapy Specialist Çağla Yüksel has two books called "Ways to Get Rid of Back and Neck Pain" and "Am I in Balance?"

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