Domestic Cars to be Moved from Bursa to World Showcase

domestic car will be moved to the world window
domestic car will be moved to the world window

The 18th Ortak Common Mind Meetings en organized with the participation of the chambers and exchanges in Bursa under the leadership of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) was held in İznik. BCCI Chairman Ibrahim Burkay, said the transformation initiatives that move the economy in Bursa Turkey's domestic automobile project in the city. Mayor Burkay stated that the city should secure the next 50 years through spatial planning and economics of scale. “We will continue to work with determination with a much stronger Bursa target in every field.”

The 18th of 'Common Mind Meetings', which brought Bursa business world under the leadership of BTSO, was hosted by Iznik Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Speaking at the meeting held with the participation of all chamber and stock market presidents, council chairs and members of the board of directors in Bursa, BTS Burko Chairman İbrahim Burkay said that a year in which the lowest growth data of the last 10 years in the world trade has been recorded is over. Turkey's despite protectionist policies in the global economy in terms of value of exports in world highest increase in five countries from the one stated that Ibrahim Burkay, "This year I hope on the basis of new investment, I strongly believe that the production and we will capture a much stronger growth of employment was. In this challenging process, I express my gratitude to our government on behalf of our business world, which has implemented regulations that meet the expectations of our private sector. ” he spoke.


Bursa BCCI in 1960 under the leadership of Turkey's first organized industrial zone is reminiscent of the city life pass Ibrahim Burkay, "we are leaving behind the city's strong industrial infrastructure was shaped 50 years. We started the industrial transformation of our scholarship with the projects we realized 7 years ago. Today, Bursa undertakes the leadership of our country's new industrial revolution with projects such as TEKNOSAB, GUHEM, Model Factory and BUTEKOM. Our qualified human resources, R & D and innovation-oriented production field, our logistics facility and our transformation in our industry's move has enabled the realization of Bursa in Turkey's 60-year dream car. "He said.


BCCI Chairman Burkay, autonomous and digital technology with a new milestone in the world voiced to showcase the project to be moved from Bursa in Turkey's development goals. Ibrahim Burkay, 'indigenous' and 'Bursa' as the next generation in Bursa, Turkey's car project they describe technoparks and Bursa Technology R & D and Coordination Center BUTEKOM within the mechanical micro they practice, emphasizing they will contribute with micro-electronics and nano-technology centers of excellence Ibrahim Burkay, "Mr. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Industry and Technology Minister Mr. Mustafa Varank the TOBB Board Chairman Mr. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu and Turkey Automobile Enterprise Group to the I express our gratitude for their confidence in Bursa." he said.


Mayor Burkay pointed out that in the current planning of Bursa, the industrial and storage areas have a share of 11 per thousand in the total face measurement of 8 thousand square kilometers, whereas the industry contributed 45 percent to the urban economy. Ibrahim Burkay said that it is an important opportunity for the local car to come to life in the Marmara Basin and that it is an important opportunity for the spatial planning of the region. As the Bursa business world, we will continue to contribute to projects that will shape not only the present but also the next 20 years, 50 years and even 100 years. I hope we will carry our scholarship and our country to a much brighter future together with the power of common reason. Kul


BTSO Chairman Ibrahim Burkay, as representatives of the business world started 'Re-Great Bursaspor' campaign, they want to move to the Super League Bursaspor said he deserved. In this context, the business world will contribute to the campaign with the support of 100 thousand form Burkay stating, "I invite you to support this important campaign," he said.

20 thousand people additional employment

TOBB Board Member and Bursa Commodity Exchange Chairman Özer Matlı said that Turkey's domestic automobile project is a great opportunity for Bursa and Turkey's economy. kazanHe said he'd provide them. Stating that they believe the project will be one of the most important brands of Turkey on a global scale, Matlı emphasized that the domestic automobile will provide employment for approximately 20 thousand people and contribute 50 billion Euros to the country's economy. Expressing that globalization and developments in technology affect every aspect of life, Matlı stated that agricultural markets are also affected by these developments. In this context, Matlı drew attention to the importance of the Turkish Product Specialization Exchange, which was established in 2018, and said, “The biggest aim of this system, which is almost considered a milestone for the Turkish agriculture sector, is to create an effective international platform for agricultural producers' consumers to trade at healthy, affordable and realistic prices.” said.


At the Common Mind Meeting, a protocol was signed between the Bursa Commodity Exchange and the Iznik Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the use of the properties of the Commodity Exchange in Iznik. Stating that women and young entrepreneurs should be supported both in business and social life, Matlı said, “We want to contribute more to the entrepreneurial profile of our city and our country with the areas we allocate for its use.”


İznik TSO President Mahmut Dede stated that İznik has made significant contributions to the economy of Bursa in different sectors and said, “In İznik, the cradle of civilizations, our candidacy for the UNESCO World Heritage List has been going on for the last 2 years. In this respect, the year 2020 is of great importance for us. I also believe that the local automobile factory to be established in Gemlik, which is closely related to our district, will also add value to our region and city. ”


Speaking at the meeting, Gemlik Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Paşa Ağdemir said, “We feel very lucky in Gemlik. Projects that reflect Turkey's vision, such as domestic cars and high-speed trains, are being implemented in our district. This project to our district kazanI would like to thank our Chairman of the BTSO Board of Directors, Mr. İbrahim Burkay, who made great efforts in the establishment of the company, Mr. Özer Matlı, the Chairman of Bursa Commodity Exchange, Mr. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, our President of TOBB, and our President.” said.

İznik TSO President Mahmut Dede gave a plaque to Burkay and Bursa Commodity Exchange Chairman Özer Matlı for the support they gave to women entrepreneurs and İznik TSO. The meeting was completed with demands, suggestions and opinions of district chambers and exchanges.

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