East Express and Touristic East Express Route 2020

East Express Ankara Kars Train Route and Map
East Express Ankara Kars Train Route and Map

East Express Route 2020: Particularly popular among the young mass, the East Express leaves Ankara and reaches Kars from Kırıkkale, Kayseri, Sivas, Erzincan and Erzurum. Waiting at the central stations for 5 to 10 minutes, the Eastern Express departs from Ankara Station at 17.55 every day and arrives at Kars Station at 18.30 the next day. There are 10 compartments in the bunk cars and 4 people can travel in each compartment. Bed sheets, pique and pillow are provided by TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ and the seats in the compartment can be used as beds if desired. There are 14 tables and 47-52 seats in the dining car.

Due to the natural beauty of the train, travelers and photographers demand the East Express, which is the busiest season of the summer season, and travels usually take place with pulman wagons. During the winter months, requests from different occupational groups such as hiking groups, photographers, mountaineering groups, university students and teachers are usually made to bunk cars. The preference of these groups starts at the end of December and continues until the middle of March.

Dinner wagons in the East Express are 4 tables each. The wagon includes breakfast, soup, hot food, cold sandwiches and hot / cold drinks. The restaurant does not have a specific opening-closing time. Open 7/24.

East Express Route

Where to Buy East Express Tickets

  • - East Express and Touristic East Express train tickets, TCDD's e-Ticket SystemYou can buy from and get current prices.
  • - Also located in the Passenger Department at tcddtasimacilik.gov.tr Ticket Sales Points, Sirkeci Railway Station (Haydarpaşa Railway Station ticket is not sold.) 444 82 33 You can purchase it on the phone with TCDD E-ticket application.

East Express Seat and Wagon Types

There are basically 3 types of seats and wagons to travel, except for the food wagon:

  • Pullman
  • Covered Bunks
  • Sleeper

Touristic East Express Seat and Wagon Types

There are basically 3 types of seats and wagons to travel, except for the food wagon:

  • Pulman (East Express): They are standard seat wagons. Each row has 2 double and 1 single seat. The seats do not lie down, but the seats are wide. It is the most comfortable and less comfortable seat type available in the Eastern Express only.
  • Covered Bunks (Eastern Express): Compartment and for 4 people, the beds are bunk beds. It is an alternative ticket to the Touristic East Express especially for groups, families and young people. Clean linens are provided. It runs out quickly because it is quickly exhausted and economical.
  • Sleeping Wagon (New East Express): Room and double occupancy. The door is lockable and there is a refrigerator, table and washbasin in it. It provides maximum comfort and special space, making it one of the favorites for those traveling on the East Express as a couple. It is the fastest consuming ticket type and has been removed from the East Express and put in the Touristic East Express only. All wagons in the Touristic East Express are only bedded!
east express seat and wagon types
east express seat and wagon types

Sleeping Wagon or Covered Bunks Mi Preference

The reason why couples choose beds, deprivation and romance can be experienced in a closed-door environment, so sleepers are the first choice for two people, but don't focus directly on the sleeping wagon. Although it may seem a bit more comfortable due to the table and sink inside the sleeping car, it can be more comfortable in places covered by things such as how much the user has and things like landscaping. In our opinion, the covered bunks for 2 or 4 people also seem to be a very good option.

  • The covered and covered wagons have the same area. One-on-one same compartment, only differently furnished. There are two armchairs with covered bunks, they open and become beds. The bed is a side bed, the other is a huge table and sink.
  • If you have lots of goods, you should definitely prefer the covered bunks. You have the chance to stack your belongings in the empty seats or in one of the upper beds. There is little in excess of the bed for suitcases.
  • There's a big table in bed. The table in the veiled bundle is extremely small. 4 people share the size of a plane table. A journey that lasts more than 1 day requires serious tables. This problem is solved if you make a table using your luggage.
  • Only 1 person can sit on the edge of the bed and 2 people can travel by the window. Someone is going in the opposite direction but that's it :)

NOTE: If you decide to have a bundle (only in the Touristic East Expert), you need to buy all 4 seats. Otherwise, you will have to share the compartment with people you don't want.

Which one is easy to find tickets?

Only 2 + 1 Pulman and Covered Bunk seat types are available in the East Express, while the only only type of sleeper seat is available in the Tourist East Express. Therefore, there is no option for the new Touristic East Express; For the Eastern Express, there are two options: covered and 2 + 2 pulman seats. Both are a good option. If you are going to travel like a bus and use a dinner wagon, you can choose a 1 + 2 pulman with a seat and a covered bird if you want to sleep comfortably at night.

How to go in the pulm?

Traveling to Pulmanda is not much different than going to Kars by bus. So the East Express experience is not the ideal place to live. It is an option of choice for those who want to take the train for transportation purposes only. There's even room for February. You can spend most of your time in the dining car, but alcoholic drinks are not sold and the menu is very poor!

East Express Ticket Schedule

As a result of the increasing interest in the East Express, the Touristic East Express, including only the sleeping car and the restaurant, was included. While the East Express continues to be of great interest, the addition of the sleeping wagons to the Touristic East Express and the expensive touristic East Express tickets cause the East Express to attract great interest. With the approach of the New Year and the arrival of the winter season, increasing demands were reflected in the ticket prices.

Ankara Kars Touristic East Express Ticket Prices (One Way)

Full (Single) 480.00 TL
Full (Two People) 600.00 TL
Young (Single) 384.00 TL
Young (Double) 489.00 TL
Over 65 (Single) 240.00 TL
Over 65 (Double) 300.00 TL

One-way ticket prices 480 pounds for one person, 600 pounds for double people are offered for sale. 20% discount is provided for both the round trip and 'young ticket' buyers for discounted tickets. Young people between the ages of 13-26 can benefit from this 'young ticket' discount. In addition, teachers, military passengers, groups of at least 12 people, people with press cards, disabled people, children between the ages of 12-18 and TCDD retired spouse 20 percent discount, 65 percent discount over 50 and TCDD employee free travel opportunities are offered. .

Ankara Kars East Express Pulman (Seat) Ticket Prices

Full 57.50 TL
Young 49.50 TL
Over 65 29.00 TL

Ankara Kars East Express Coaster Ticket Prices

Full 78.00 TL
Young 69.00 TL
Over 65 49.00 TL

East Express ticket prices, Ankara-Kars Pulman (with seats) full 58.00 young 49.50, 65 TL over the age of 29 TL. Bunks 78, young and over 60 years 69.50, 65 years and children 49.00 TL. The East Express completes the journey between Ankara and Kars in approximately 24 hours and 30 minutes.

Eastern Express Bus Stop Times

Tourist Attractions Eastern Express Ankara Kars Arrival Arrival & Departure Times

Station Arrival Log out

Eastern Express Ankara Kars Arrival Arrival & Departure Times

Station Arrival Log out

Tourist Attractions Eastern Express Kars Ankara Arrival & Departure Times

Station Arrival Log out

Eastern Express Kars Ankara Arrival & Departure Times

Station Arrival Log out

Touristic East Express Stops (2 Long Stops)

Ankara to Kars - Departure: 16.55, Arrival: 23.58, total 1 day 7 hours (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
Kars to Ankara - Departure: 23:55, Arrival: 05.15, total 1 day 5 hours 20 minutes (Wednesday, Friday and Sunday)

East Express (No Long Stops)

Ankara to Kars - Departure: 18.00, Arrival: 18.13, for a total of 1 days 13 minutes (Every day)
Kars to Ankara - Departure: 08.00, Arrival: 08.22, for a total of 1 days 22 minutes (Every day)


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